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Commercial vs residential coolers

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A refrigerator cooler is one of the essential elements in a kitchen whether it be at home or in a restaurant. But in both cases the usage is different. At home we only want to store food that is required for a family , but in the case of restaurants this is not the case. Restaurants need A lot of storage space compared to Residential coolers/refrigerators. But in both cases the main goal is to keep the food fresh and safe from perishing. Nowadays startups are using residential coolers to reduce their cost of startup and some people are using commercial coolers in homes to store more things. So if you want to buy one of them, then it is a good idea to know the key difference between them.


Both of these refrigerators are designed for two purposes, residential refrigerators are designed to have more aesthetic appeal and to save energy. While the Domestic refrigerators are designed in a way to have maximum storing capacity. And they have much stronger condensers , which makes them more powerful and less energy efficient then residential refrigerators.Also Residential refrigerators are quieter than commercial  refrigerators, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to use a commercial refrigerators in your kitchen.It’s because the commercial refrigerator’s have heavy duty cooling fans to continuously distribute cooled air inside the cabinet which in turns regulate the cold.


Now let us understand the difference between these two kinds of refrigerator / coolers.

Size of the refrigerator

Size of both types of refrigerator is different. Most Residential refrigerators are designed for their aesthetics and storage for a small family. Residential refrigerators have a split between fridge and freezer.But in the case of Commercial refrigerators are designed with maximum storage space in mind.Commercial refrigerators are designed to be big so that they can have maximum storage space. Different sizes of commercial coolers are available.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption differs in both cases. The residential refrigerators are more economical because they have an auto shut down in a fixed interval of times to reduce the energy usage. But Commercial refrigerators do not have this cause it will perish the food products stored in items. Commercial refrigerators are energy saving features but still they use more energy than their residential cousine. They use more energy to keep the inside dool down so the contents of the Commercial refrigerators will stay fresh and safe.


Maintaining your refrigerator is one of the important things that you should do. Even though both of them are refrigerators, both are maintained in two different ways. Commercial  refrigerators need to be serviced , repaired, and maintained by special technicians who have got special training. And it needs to be serviced in a regular interval to avoid breakdowns and in business you certainly don't want a  refrigerator breaking down in rush hour. In the care of residential  refrigerators , they don’t need regular maintenance like commercial  refrigerators.

Frequency of access

Frequency of accessing your refrigerator is also a factor that could affect its cooling performance. Residential refrigerators are designed for less frequent access, so the temperature will fall if you open the refrigerator’s door more frequently.But in the case of commercial refrigerators you can open it multiple times.It’s doors can withstand multiple opening and cloning in a row. Even if you opened the doors multiple times in a row the temperature won’t fall and won’t affect its performance.  

Cooling ability

Cooling ability of the residential refrigerator is less compared to that of their commercial cousins. Commercial refrigerators have a powerful compressor which it uses to cool the fridge. It also needs to cool down and maintain the temperature even if the doors are opened frequently.


In case of performance, commercial refrigerators are superior to residential ones. Residential refrigerators are mainly designed to be energy saving rather than performing like a non-stop beast. While commercial refrigerators are exactly like that. They need to regulate the temperature even if the door is opened multiple times.If you compare the performance of both variants the commercial refrigerators wins the competition. 


Normally the temperature of commercial refrigerators are between (2° to 4°C) i.e. (36° to 40°F) but if you want to store meat and fish it can go even lower like (-2° to 2°C) i.e. (28° to 35°F) achieving low temperature. It can even go lower than that to achieve an Ultra-Low temperature of  -28°C. But these ultra low temperatures are not possible for the residential version. The maximum Low it can get would be around  (2° to 5° C) i.e. (35° to 41° F) in the fridge section and -18°C i.e. 0°F  in the freezer section.


Since commercial refrigerators are used in busy harsh environments it is made out of hard materials like steel and aluminium. So they can last longer and cope with the tough environment. In the case of residential refrigerators , they are made with a metal outer body with inner lining of polystyrene. This works as structural and insulation material.


Commercial refrigerators  were invented and used way before (exactly 40 years before) residential refrigerators . At that time they used gases like ammonia or sulphur dioxide to cool down the fridge. But they occasionally leaked and caused danger. The residential refrigerators were invented 40 years after the invention of commercial version by Fred W. Wolf of Fort Wayne. It was a box mounted on the top of an ice box. But the idea of practical residential cooling units were introduced in 1914 by engineer Nathaniel B. Wales of Detroit.


Both Residential refrigerators and commercial refrigerators have their own usage. Both are used for different situations.If you want to use commercial refrigerators in your kitchen be ready for the huge electricity cost and noise that comes with it. Also if you want to use residential refrigerators for your business use then also be prepared for the small storage space of the fridge.Both of these refrigerators are good in their own respective fields.






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