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Your Bradley plumbing repair kits can provide considerable assistance when it comes to washroom problems.

No company wants their customers to leave with a poor impression based only on the state of their restroom. Consider how you feel when you meet someone for the first time and the impression they make on you.

The first impression your facility's washroom makes on your guests is just as significant as the first impression you make when meeting someone. They'll remember it, especially if it's in bad shape.

Your company works hard to provide customers with high-quality products and/or services, and faulty restroom fixtures should not be the first or last thing on their minds.

You may improve a restroom’s functionality, client satisfaction, and your facility's reputation by following a consistent restroom maintenance strategy.

Your strategy's success hinges on your commitment to monitor restroom usage for patterns. Consider the following three suggestions for improving your restroom upkeep:

Patterns and Trends
Is there a particular restroom or floor that requires an extra hand towel refill at a given time of day?

To prevent making an extra trip, anticipate your need and prepare to stop by that restroom while you're performing other chores in the area.

Gathering data is the first step toward incorporating efficiency into your daily practice.

Reporting System
Create a reporting system for leaks and refill requests. If your monitoring tools don't offer this feature, create another mechanism for customers to notify you when some stalls are out of toilet paper or the sink continues to drip.

You'll be able to immediately resolve issues, and the timing of these warnings will help you build a better refill and maintenance routine.

Preventive Maintenance
Even commercial building washroom equipment built to last for a long time wears out over time. So, to limit the chances of unexpected problems, you must take preventive measures.

Preventive maintenance is the maintenance of equipment and assets regularly to keep them functioning and avoid costly unplanned downtime due to unforeseen equipment breakdowns.

Automated maintenance tools can assist with a variety of jobs, but they can't test your toilet's piston valves or check for scale accumulation in your faucet aerators.

Make sure preventive tasks are still in place while you update your maintenance schedule based on your newly obtained data.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist

. Make sure the caulking around the sinks and toilets is in good shape.

. Look for mildew.

. Check exposed pipes for water and watermarks.

. Look for signs of corrosion like green stains on fittings and fixtures.

. Examine the toilets and see if they are flushing properly or if there is anything broken.

. Examine the sinks and check if they're draining properly.

. Check the faucets and the handles for any leaks.

The last thing you want is for your customers to decide never to come back to your establishment because of a poorly maintained washroom.

Repairs can also be costly if there is no maintenance routine in place because bigger problems can be avoided if there is an effective maintenance strategy.

Getting a plumbing repair kit to address small problems before they become big is essential.

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