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5 Best Tips For Purchasing The Right Plane

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Selecting the right aircraft that meets your requirements and needs is critical for your enjoyment and use.  At PlaneTadaa’s our presumption is buyers want to be happy with each plane purchase and its use. The tips below will help secure the best aircraft for your use at the best market price (fair value) with transparency and ease. To ease your selection process, we are listing only 5 tips below, there are many more, make sure you receive satisfactory answers to the questions in tip #1 before identifying and then trading for the best aircraft for your needs successfully.

  • What are our needs / requirements/ mission?
    1. Operation wise what do I need the airplane to do?
    2. What kind trips and distance would the aircraft need to cover? Include frequency.
    3. What is the number of people likely to travel with you?
    4. Are most of my trips flexible for refueling purposes?
    5. At the moment, a Preowned aircraft offers great value, do you prefer a new airplane or a preowned?
  • Know your budget: A good consultant and broker can help you set a true market budget only after a good consultation, and by budget we are referring to the acquisition cost, cost of ownership & operations and your next big expense. Each of these should have a report, with particular details on each model and type aircraft that meets your needs and requirements.  Buyers and in particular first timers need to be aware that the true cost of an airplane is a lot more that the initial cost of acquisition.
  • Get the right expert: To identify, locate and secure the right airplane a buyer needs a good professional consultant / broker. Who will put your interest at the forefront, working diligently with transparency while protecting your confidentially. There many issues and formalities that accompany aircraft ownership and they must be taken into consideration before making the wrong purchase. Having the right experts will save you time, effort and a lot money. A professional consultant / broker would know what you need and guide you successfully throughout the entire purchasing process and beyond. They will also direct and when need secure other experts for your transaction and aircraft, i.e. Engineer / Mechanic (Pre & Post Inspections), Accountant (Tax implications & Bonus Depreciation if applicable), Insurance Broker, Maintenance etc.
  • True Aircraft Cost: As mentioned in the budget section, the true cost has three major components; acquisition cost, cost of ownership & operations and your next big expense. Each of these must be carefully calculated in fine details on each presented aircraft type and model that meets your needs. When completed then the true cost of the aircraft is known fully.  Consider the acquisition cost as a fraction of the true cost, so when quoted an aircraft price understand it will cost more, engage with the right professional consultant / broker for clarity.
  • Maintenance & Airworthiness: Each model aircraft and type requires a unique type of maintenance schedule and as a result is either airworthy when on schedule and not when critical maintenance is missed.  Know the aircraft and it maintenance schedule before purchase, some are more maintenance intrusive than others. Owning an aircraft is a big responsibility, as an owner you need to have a maintenance system or company to help you perfectly manage your aircraft, it is for your safety and others. It will save time and money.




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