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Common Causes for Boiler Repairs

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Boilers form an integral part of every household.  Old boilers can often throw up several issues, some minor and some requiring urgent attention. In either case, you need to contact a reliable service agency to attend to the faulty boiler. Boilers have fewer moving mechanical components and do not require too many replacements. To take care of the minor issues that might arise, new boilers come with a long-term warranty.  In some cases, faulty boilers could result in carbon monoxide leaks that can be very lethal.


Some of the common things to look for before calling the boiler repair services


You have to check the power connection and make sure the pilot light is lit.  Also, check if the boiler is making any unusual sounds.  Although some boilers make sounds while operating, never ignore any banging or gurgling noises. Call a qualified boiler service technician to address the problem.


Common Causes of Boiler repair


  • Boiler Leaks


Leaks are probably the most common boiler repair issues. The pressure in the boiler may cause the seal of the pump to get worn out.  Leaks that originate from corroded pipes will require a trained technician to identify and fix the fault. 


  • Sediment build-up


The bottom of the boiler often develops a layer of limescale and sediment from the water. This affects the boiler’s efficiency requiring a boiler repair to be initiated.


  • No heat or hot water

Boilers provide homes with heating during winter and hot water in the taps. If you are suddenly faced with no heat or hot water in the home, it could be due to several reasons ranging from low water pressure to airlocks or even faulty valves. A reliable boiler service professional can get you quality components to address this issue. 


  • Faulty thermostat

There are times when the thermostat controls in the boiler might have broken, and consequently, the boiler is not responding to it. There could be times when the boiler is not responding to your inputs to regulate the room heating. This might be due to a fault in the thermostat’s controls. Reach out to the manufacturer service centre for assistance. 


  • Frozen pipes


In freezing weather, outdoor condensate pipes can freeze and get blocked. The condensate would then back up to the boiler and result in a malfunction.   


To conclude, the above reasons clearly indicate what might have gone wrong with your boiler.  If you find any such indications, reach out to a reliable boiler service near you.



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