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Local dentists with extensive training in cosmetic dentistry are available to residents of Taylors Hill who want to improve the appearance of their smiles or replace lost teeth. Dentists in the Taylors Hill region provide a wide range of services under one roof, whether you need innovative restorations to revitalise your smile or a simple cleaning.

Common Dental Procedures Offered by a Dentist

Crowns and Bridges: Dental crowns and bridges can repair damaged teeth and restore their form and function. When a crown is bonded into place, it completely covers the visible part of a tooth. A bridge fills in the gap left by one or more missing teeth.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are prosthetics meant to take the place of lost or damaged teeth. Through a procedure known as osseointegration, the implant fixture is surgically inserted into the mandible and fuses with the bone cells. Dental implants are a more permanent alternative to tooth roots to maintain face features and jawbone structure.

Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers, which are thin, semi-translucent “facings” that are usually bonded to the visible front surfaces of teeth, are among the safest cosmetic choices. Veneers cover up a wide range of cosmetic imperfections, from small chips and cracks to severe discolouration and misaligned teeth.

Resin Bonding: Direct composite resin bonding is a treatment option for small chips, gaps, or slightly misaligned teeth that need minimal repairs. The tooth-coloured bonding material is immediately placed on the tooth surface, shaped, cemented with a curing light, and polished all in one office visit.

Teeth Whitening: General dentists also provide expert teeth whitening to remove external stains and lighten tooth tones. Rejuvenating your smile can be achieved by significantly brightening discoloured teeth with in-office treatments or custom-fitted take-home trays filled with powerful bleaching gel.

Why BlueSpa Dental for Cosmetic procedures?

Expertise: BlueSpa Dental’s Taylors Hill Dentists receive advanced training in cosmetic procedures such as smile makeovers, veneers, and implants. BlueSpa Dental pays attention to detail, and has a wealth of experience in crafting aesthetically pleasing smiles to help patients.

Advanced Technology: We make use of state-of-the-art imaging, intraoral scanning, CAD-CAM milling, and fast prototyping. Fit, function, and aesthetic precision are all provided by digital dentistry.

Comprehensive Services: We provide streamlined care by managing all general and specialty dental procedures under one roof as a full-service dental practice.

Personalised Approach: We create a personalised treatment plan following extensive listening to your desires, diagnostic testing, and coordination with lab technicians.

Patient Comfort: You can unwind throughout procedures thanks to the calming environment, comforting furnishings, streaming entertainment, and kind treatment. We provide stunning, lifelike cosmetic outcomes while reducing worry.


For all of your dental health and smile beauty needs, the skilled dentists at BlueSpa Dental provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures. We combine artistic vision with cutting-edge technologies to produce results that are aesthetically pleasing and precisely tailored. Get in touch with BlueSpa Dental to get individualised care in a welcoming environment that will improve your smile and oral health.


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