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Common Social web safety tips for teens you must know

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In our modern society, Social media is a very common way of communicating with people. Many kids will find to spend their most of time on their phones, & laptops. Many times they communicate through social media platforms. 


As a parent, our main aim is to keep our kids safe from bad social media platforms. It applies to both emotional & physical health. One of the most important ways to save your kids from social media or Teenager Corner is to monitor them from time to time. When your kids spend some time with their friends then you need to keep an eye on them that what they are doing & who they are talking to. 


You must give your kids proper freedom to do anything. Give them clear rules & consequences for their misuse. It will help them continue to use social media positively. Teach your kids about all the habits of social media safety. Tell them how to use every social media app & what are their benefits & uses. These rules & safety standards will be valuable at any time. 


Here are 5 Common Social web safety tips for teens you must know:-


Be yourself


Avoid pretending to be someone that you are not. Be always who you really are & you will be liked by your real friends. 


Be nice


When you can hide behind the screen, don't say mean things to anyone. It can hurt anyone if you would say them to anyone's face. 


Think about your post


Before posting remember what you are posting because it will be out there for everyone. 


Don't add unknown people


If you have friends & followers it is okay. But it can be dangerous when they are unknown people. 


Avoid sending unacceptable pictures or engaging in sexual conversations with strangers


It is always advised to you not to send your pictures to any stranger. They can misuse your pictures in any way. So, avoid conversations or engagement with the unknown. Never shares your contact or addresses details on social media. Hide your every information from strangers. Try to be as mysterious as possible about where you belong.




If we stress about the significance of these guidelines and security propensities then support them with a steady prize/outcome framework. We can assist our youngsters with remaining safe on the web. It also will provide us with some inward feeling of harmony while confiding in our children with the obligation and honor of utilizing virtual entertainment.




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