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Raise your hands. If you're the one who is still confused about the different terms of pigmentation spots, then we are here to help you out. Many terms include acne marks, scars, hyper pigmentation, and freckles. They all have some similarities, whether in terms of causes or treatments. Like these terms, acne scars and freckles are the two different spots with different causes but are somewhat similar in treatments, which we will discuss in this blog. Acne & freckles treatment in Delhi has something in common. Some treatments for treating both of them are common. Let's get started and know more about those treatments.

Before proceeding to the treatments, let's discuss what freckles & acne scars are. 

Freckles are the small brown spots on your skin, specifically in the areas more prone to sun exposure. They are painless and harmless and appear due to the overproduction of melanin which is the major cause of pigmentation. They are of two types in general which could be because of sun exposure and genetics as well.You can get them treated at any hair and skin clinic in Delhi by opting for a treatment that best suits your skin. 

And acne scars are the spots and scars left once the acne is gone, though it all depends on the body's healing process. When the long-term acne injures the multiple layers of the skin, the permanent scar tends to be left behind. Those are acne scars, and sometimes it can be so stressful to deal with all of them, but you don't have to worry as acne scar treatment in Delhi has your back.  

Common Treatments For Acne Scars & Freckles

However, too many treatments can treat acne scars and freckles, giving you dramatic results all over. Here are some of the most common ones that can treat both of the skin problems and they are as follows:

  • Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are the chemical solution used to exfoliate and peel off the areas of the damaged skin that is the uppermost layer of the skin. It is the best treatment and the most loved ones in treating deep scars on your face. Usually, it is done with a strong solution by an expert dermatologist at a hair and skin clinic in Delhi to deliver desired results. As it removes the topmost layer of the skin, the dead layer, it is an ideal option to treat acne scars and those on deeper levels. And when it comes to freckles. A skin peel containing glycolic acid penetrates the middle layer to remove the damaged skin & unveil a layer of skin free from freckles. 

  • Laser Treatment 

Laser treatment is a procedure that uses intense light to target the dead and damaged skin, and the lasers could be different depending on the intensity of the pulses. You can go for laser treatment at any hair and skin clinic in Delhi. Q-Switched Nd YAG laser tends to be the most effective when it comes to treating freckles. The laser treatment fades and lightens the appearance upto much extent. It is all over a safe procedure, and the risk of having scars after the treatment and other side effects is very low. Acne scars are also removed by laser resurfacing treatment leaving the patient with smooth and clear skin. Removing the upper layer of the skin promotes the new collagen growth by the body to heal and get clear skin in and out.  

  • Topical Creams or Sunscreen

Though it is the go-to option that everyone has tried out even once, topical creams take time to get into the skin and treat the damaged area. Topical creams contain hydroquinone, an ideal ingredient that suppresses melanin production, which can directly help fade the dark spots all over your face. The same goes for acne as well. Though there is acne scar treatment in Delhi, it is a way through which one can practice to get better results. 

Other than that, sunscreen is not the one that will help get rid of your existing freckles & acne scars but will prevent one from appearing. 

So, the treatment discussed above, laser treatment, and chemical peels are the most effective treatment recommended by dermats. If you have a sensitive skin type, you can consider getting a consultation before proceeding with a treatment at the hair and skin clinic in Delhi to be on the safer side.



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