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Hot yoga elevates traditional yoga to a new stage by requiring participants to exercise in a space that is between 31 and 40 degrees Celsius. A hot yoga studio’s atmosphere is kept elevated to encourage sweating, which is a common aim in many forms of workouts. This steamy and humid workout is not only enjoyable but it is also been found to be helpful to your wellbeing in many ways.

Hot yoga classes may involve a wide range of positions, and the length of each lesson varies by the studio. Hot yoga, unlike Bikram yoga, which is a quieter, more serious activity, often involves music and more participation among the participants.

While the words “hot yoga” and “Bikram yoga” are sometimes used synonymously, they are not similar. Due to attack charges against its creator, Bikram yoga has lost prominence in recent years Some studios can refer to their heated classes as “hot yoga” rather than “Bikram yoga.” As a result, it’s a smart practice to read the class details thoroughly before enrolling.

Both hot yoga and Bikram yoga helps to calm the mind and enhance physical health, irrespective of the space temperature. 

While practicing yoga in a hot atmosphere may be difficult, certain beneficial effects can be worth it, particularly if you want to improve your health, either physically or emotionally. If you want to do hot yoga, you can join a real-time hot yoga class or watch live yoga classes alone in your 31 degrees celsius room.

When performed properly and safely with a professional yoga instructor, hot yoga can give you the following 10 health benefits:

Health Benefits of Doing A Hot Yoga

1. Increases Flexibility

Adding heat to the equation would not make things any better, on the contrary, it will help the body grow more resilient with time. Stretching is often recommended after a workout so your muscles are heated and the blood pressure is improved, which reduces muscle soreness and allows you to be more stable. Don’t panic, you’ll be reaching your toes in no time if you do hot yoga.

2. Burns more Calories

Hot yoga is a great way to lose weight. In a 90-minute Bikram session, women consumed 330 calories on average and men burned 460 calories, according to a 2014 survey. Because of the higher temperature, the body has to function more than normal. So, even though a hot yoga class isn’t as extreme as a Bikram class, you’ll always lose more calories than in regular yoga.

3. Lower your Blood Sugar

If you’re at risk for diabetes, hot yoga can be especially beneficial. To be specific, some form of workout can help lower your blood sugar levels. However, a 2013 report showed that a brief hot yoga regimen improved glucose resistance in obese older adults.

4. Detoxifies the body

Sweating is a positive thing when you’re working out in a hot environment. Sweating ensures that all of the body’s chemicals are being filtered out, which is why most individuals appear refreshed and rejuvenated following a hot yoga session. So do hot yoga for the good of the body and skin.

5. Builds Bone Density

When you maintain your weight in a yoga posture, you’re helping to develop bone density. Since bone density decreases with age, this is particularly significant for elderly people and premenopausal females.

Premenopausal people who practiced Bikram yoga for five years had improved bone mass in their necks, hips, and lower backs, according to a 2014 report. This led the study’s writers to conclude that Bikram yoga could be an important way for women to reduce their risk of osteoporosis.

6. Strengthen the Body

Hot yoga challenges the body beyond its limits by forcing you to try uncomfortable positions that target different parts of the body, such as your abs and glutes. By incorporating humidity into your routine, you should expect your body to get healthier over the practice as your stamina improves. If you’re a beginner, you won’t be a professional right away, but with practice, your body can turn into a go-getter, and tough poses like Sirsasana will become simpler.

7. Reduce Stress

Yoga is also about relaxing the body by breathing and meditation techniques. You will concentrate your attention on those positions and ignore all your sources of stress by doing hot yoga. This restorative yoga sauna-like solution can help you relax and de-stress your body.

8. Eases Depression

Yoga is famous for helping people relax and improve their mood. It can also be a useful treatment for easing depressive symptoms, as per the American Psychology Association.

In addition, a study of 23 research on yoga as a therapy for depression published in 2017 found that yoga is an important approach to relieve symptoms of depression.

9. Increases Heart Rate

Experiencing our hearts racing as we marched uphill in the sweltering heat of summer is very common. Once your heart beats, it supplies your muscles with more calories and oxygen. One way to raise the pulse rate is to be in a warm place. Hot yoga is recommended to be done all year to keep the heart pumping straight away.

10. Tone & Define Muscle

If you’re looking to strengthen and shape your body, hot yoga is the way to go. Numerous yoga exercises pump out your core muscles, such as the glutes, which are typically aimed for toning, and incorporating heat into the mix will make you sweat and improve certain muscles even more. Yoga on a humid day equals a hot body.

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