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Millennials are an outstanding generation. No other generation has been praised, criticized, misunderstood, and reviled like them. Maybe it’s because, in less than 5 years, they will be the bulk of the workforce?

Millennials are a combination of those born in the ’80s and 90s. This means you have a higher chance of working with millennials if you’re looking into hiring staff or getting loyal customers.

Since this generation is often analyzed and criticized, you need to try to understand them so you don’t get any unexpected surprises.

Millennials also believe in connecting to their inner self or higher power or their God

Here are 10 important facts about millennials:

1.They love a good deal

Millennials love good deals, which is why they can be the easiest customer to get a five-star rating from. Most of them think it’s important to get an education, but they’re also street-smart.

A good amount of their money is spent on cool deals. They don’t wait for coupons but if they see good Black Friday or Christmas and Easter deals, they will go for it. To get this generation on your side, offer them a good and AUTHENTIC deal.

P.S. Don’t try to scam them. They won’t just stop buying your goods, they’ll tell everyone to avoid you. That’s bad for business.

2. Millennials are inspired by people they can relate to

Wonder why there is an increasing number of celebrity endorsements and young Instagram comedians? It’s because of millennials. They love music, art, and creativity and they also care about social causes.

Millennials would rather look up to another successful millennial because they have similar challenges or stories rather than look up to older generations.

3. They are a diverse generation

Millennials are one of a kind when it comes to race and ethnicity. This generation is one that has grown and become diverse as a result of immigration. Only about 14% of millennials are strongly tied to their roots. Many millennials are bilingual and are receptive to other cultures than other generations before them.

4. Millennials are into self-expression

This characteristic is often seen as being narcissistic but it necessarily isn’t. They just love to express themselves with their tools and gadgets. This is why you’ll see many selfies on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

I believe Millennials are a one-of-a-kind generation: they are graced with an unlimited amount of technological platforms that they use justifiably for themselves and their businesses.

5. Millennials are connected

Millennials enjoy social media and thanks to the lockdown that happened in most countries, social media became a more popular outlet. The majority of millennials live in urban to suburban areas. They love working from home and spending time to chill with friends in a relaxing place.

They love the connection without being tethered: they can live in a house with no TV but not without a laptop, smartphone, charger, and power source. They participate virtually on shows they love or virtual challenges and games.

6. Millennials watch their money

Millennials like to feel financially secure and they want to make sure they are financially independent. They focus on virtual businesses and have nothing against transfers and virtual money. They are curious so they ask questions before and while making investments.

7. They are open to employment opportunities

It doesn’t matter if a job opportunity or offer is available on the other side of the world; if it seems like a good business or a good opportunity, they’ll take it and figure a way to survive no matter what.

8. Digital media may not always have its way with them

Even though they spend a considerable amount of time online, they still spend time with traditional media. The only traditional media with low ratings among millennials is the newspaper.

9. Millennials are open to spirituality

Millennials love to express themselves; they love their freedom and other human rights. But millennials also believe in connecting to their inner self or higher power or their God.

10. Traditional values are important to millennials

Even though this generation is strongly opinionated, they still believe in traditional values such as family, finding a good partner, remembering to check up on people, and lending a helping hand.

In summary, millennials are diverse, highly connected, and self-expressive. And whether we like it or not, they are the future, and the future is here.

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