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Your car is a valuable investment and should be treated as such. While you may have insurance that covers car theft, you can never be too careful. From keeping your doors locked to installing a tracking device, here are twelve ways to protect your car from theft.

1. Steering wheel lock

Steering wheel locks are easy to put on and take off. This makes them a good way of protecting your car. They lock over the steering wheel rendering it immobile. They are large and visible, so onlookers can see them from afar. Most importantly, thieves know just how difficult removing a steering wheel lock is, so they don’t even bother.

2. Remove valuables from sight

Remove all valuables in your car from sight at any given time. Whether you are driving or not, make sure your valuables are not obvious to an onlooker. If a thief sees all your valuables displayed around, you’re simply furnishing him with more reasons to steal your car.

3. Park in well-lit areas

Always consider your surroundings and park in well-lit areas. Thieves prefer to steal in the dark. For this singular reason, make sure you park your car in a well-lit area.

4. GPS tracking device

Install a tracking device in your car, so if it ever gets stolen, it can be tracked. If you act quickly, it is possible to recover the car and even catch the thief.

5. Dashcam

A dashcam is a camera that seats on the dash of your car and records the activities in its line of sight. Install a dash cam that keeps on recording even after your car is off. This will help you know what is happening with your car no matter where it is. Also, ensure you place the camera in a clear line of sight, so the onlooker can see the camera. This will deter criminals because no criminal wants their face caught on camera.

6. Kill Switch

A kill switch is an anti-theft device that shuts your car down anytime and anywhere with the tap of a button. So, if you wake up to find your car gone, activate this feature and your car will be that random car stopping the flow of traffic. With the help of a GPS tracker, you should be able to find and retrieve your car safely.

7. Lock your doors and windows, even when driving

It goes without being said that a good way to prevent car theft is to keep your car doors and windows locked. Always remember that a number of car thefts have occurred on the road, even whilst driving.

8. Keys

Be careful with your car keys. Always have your car keys on you. Even if you’re simply leaving your car for a minute, don’t leave your keys in the ignition. Also, never, ever leave your keys or a spare in the car or around the car.

9. Etch your car’s vehicle identification number on one of the windows

Etching your car’s vehicle identification number on the window makes it easy to track your car. Plus, almost no thief wants the hassle of replacing a window.

10. Tire lock

If your car is always parked for long periods of time, then a tire lock is an important investment. It locks your car firmly in place, so no thief will be able to move it.

11. Watch your car

The dashcam is good for you to watch the surroundings of your car, but sometimes you need to be able to watch your car. So, install a CCTV to be able to watch your car at any point in the day. Position out of sight so you can have proof if the worst happens. Also, including a sign that warns the thieves of CCTV is always a good deterrent.

12. Light it up

You already know that thieves like to work in the dark or in dark areas. So, invest in a security light feature that lights up whenever intruders come close to your car. If they want to steal your car, then they don’t have the cover of darkness to activate their plan. This will alert you and your neighbors to the theft, and the fear of being caught will probably make the thief abandon the task completely.

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