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3 Tips by Titan Plumbing to Help You Avoid Plumbing Disasters

In this new post, titan plumbing is going to share three tips that can help homeowners avoid unexpected plumbing disasters. There can be many factors in a home that can cause plumbing emergency if proper caution and maintenance is not observed. Therefore, it’s crucial for homeowners to take each step discreetly because a wrong move can eventually cost you thousands of dollars in water damage.

As per our personal experience in the field, with vigilance and knowhow, common plumbing issues can be caught and corrected before they become serious headache for you.

Plumbing emergencies mostly occur during the winter season because, at this time, there is always a greater possibility of frozen pipes and water. This may result in a pipe burst that could cause a lot of expenses and fatal consequences.

Here 3 Tips to Avoid Plumbing Disasters:

Garbage disposal

The first tip that Titan Plumbing would like to share with homeowners is that the garbage disposal should be handled delicately. Grease can ruin any garbage disposal, and should be disposed of using alternative methods. We advise that homeowners should also avoid pouring coffee grounds down the garbage disposal, as these can also be quite harmful.

Upgrade hoses

The second crucial tip is that washing machine hoses (the hoses connecting the washing machine to the home’s water supply) should be properly maintained so that they do not burst. Our experienced plumber in Parlin NJ recommends homeowners upgrade to stainless steel or braided lines, as they are more durable than rubber hoses.

Avoid pouring chemicals down the drain

While chemical drain cleaners can certainly do a lot of damage, it's also important to remember the adverse affects household cleaning chemicals may have on your plumbing system. Be careful about washing any chemicals down your drain, particularly if you have a septic tank.

 If you need a professional plumber for your plumbing repair, maintenance or replacement, you may contact Titan Plumbing today. We have skilled, licensed and experienced plumbers for all your plumbing, gas fitting, water heater and sewer cleaning needs.


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  1. Plumbing disaster problem is occurring for the lack of maintenance the appliance. If we do not know the cleaning process of appliance then would be face such types of problems. I have been using washing machine but hoses problems damage the water problem. So users must be follow your article.

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