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Horror movies are the most-watched movies in the world. They include drama, action, twist, and a sensible storyline. Stephen King is one of the most popular writers who is well known for his famous horror stories. Most of his stories have been adapted into popular movies. The Mist is one of the most terrifying and suspenseful adaptations of Stephen King’s novel. The film was released in the year 2007 and directed by Frank Darabont. Several horror movies share the same theme.

Here are some of the best horror movies to watch if you love The Mist.

Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II is another excellent horror film released in the year 1987 and directed by Sam Raimi. This film is a sequel to the film, The Evil Dead. Evil Dead II also has a similar theme to The Mist. Both of the films have disturbing story twists and can easily compete with each other. The ending of the film Evil Dead II is shocking and heartbreaking, and you must watch this film if you love The Mist.

The Road

The Road is a tremendous apocalyptic survival film released in the year 2009 and directed by John Hillcoat. This film is based on a prize-winning novel of the same name. The story of the novel and film is almost identical. The Road also has a disturbing plot similar to The Mist. Viggo Mortensen portrays the character of Man in this film, and with his stunning performance, this film is one of the best adaptations. It is a must-watch movie if you love the film, The Mist.

The Thing

The Thing is another best sci-fi horror movie, which was released in the year 1982 and directed by John Carpenter. This film is the adaptation of the novel, “Who Goes There?” and is considered the best movie by John Carpenter. This film’s story revolves around various researchers who try to hide in Antarctica from an evil parasite. The story of this film relates to the story of Mist in multiple ways. It is another best horror movie to watch if you love The Mist.


Cloverfield is a great monster-based film released in the year 2008 and directed by Matt Reeves. This film can be considered similar to The Mist in various ways. In this film, some strange life forms attack the world, mainly New York. People try to work together to stay safe, but the end of the film is heartbreaking, as in the film, The Mist. However, Cloverfield has been considered scarier than The Mist.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill is another psychological horror film released in the year 2006 and directed by Christophe Gans. This film is an adaptation of a video game. Although this film is not considered the best one because of the poor source material, it has some mind-blowing characters and a plot similar to The Mist. In this film, characters cannot see in front of them at a distance of two feet clearly because of the misty town, and it is the exact fear you will experience in the film, The Mist.

After discussing some of the best horror movies, we have concluded that all of the above-discussed movies share the same theme as the film, The Mist in some ways. You must watch these super-hit horror films if you love The Mist.

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