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Marvel Cinematic Universe has been dealing with a lot of compelling villains from the beginning. Some of them are redeemable, and some are too evil to be saved. We have noticed various remarkable villains from the film Avengers to X-Men, who have completely different targets and goals. Out of this wide variety of villains in the MCU, some are very destructive and harm a number of people without any apparent reason. On the other hand, there are also some villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who have completely changed the thoughts of the audience by their desire to make a difference. However, they do not know how they can approach this. There are some villains like Nebula from the film Guardians of the Galaxy, who are just minions, follow orders, and wish for a great and better life. In this article, we have discussed some of the MCU villains who are redeemable for the upcoming movies.


The character of Magneto has been portrayed by Michael Fassbender in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although Magneto changes his goals and turns towards the negative side, he was once the best friend of Professor Charles Xavier, and both of them had the same goals. Magneto wants that the mutants should be acknowledged and seen for their superpowers. However, he is not saying anything wrong in this, but he uses severe methods. If Magneto and Xavier had been in the same team before, Magneto’s chances of redeeming and rejoining his friend would have been possible.


The character of Killmonger is portrayed by Michael Bakari Jordan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is quite easily understood that why Killmonger wanted to take the throne of Black Panther. The father of Black Panther killed the father of Killmonger, and in order to take revenge for his father, he wanted that throne. However, if we see the other goals of Killmonger, then we will notice that his other and whole goals are not bad at all. For instance, Killmonger plans to share the technology of Wakanda with all the oppression and Africa. What put him in the category of villain is his uncaring nature towards human beings and his techniques. But if things were a little bit different, he would have been an awesome hero.


Mysterio is a kind of character who is less villainous but more jealous and self-absorbed person. He put people in trouble and pretends to save them in order to prove himself as a hero in their eyes. He manipulates the world into thinking that he is incredibly powerful and strong, which seems more wacky than evil. We can also consider that he wants to be the next Iron Man rather than to hurt people, so Mysterio can be turned into a hero and could be redeemed.


The character of Loki has been portrayed by Tom Hiddleston in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is known as God of Mischief, but he does not prove himself as evil as expected by most people. Many times, Loki has saved the lives of many people rather than taking their lives like in the film Thor: Ragnarok. In the Avengers film series, he wants to take over the planet Earth, but he only wants to rule over the planet instead of destroying it completely. Loki spares the life of his father, shows severe emotional pain at the time of his mother’s death, and sacrifices himself against the mighty Thanos in the film Avengers: Endgame. This shows that he is not the evilest villain in the history of Marvel and could be redeemed very well.


Hela is the sister of Thor and Loki, as shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the character has been portrayed by Cate Blanchett. She wanted to rule over Asgard and make the people of Asgard her slave. Similar efforts were made by his brother Loki in order to conquer the planet Earth. Loki and Hela both have proven to be the redeemable villainous characters in the MCU. Hela also shares the same dramatic arc and sense of humor as Loki does. It is to be noted that the Asgardian throne belongs to Hela by her birthright. She was forced to join the underworld even after being the eldest sibling. In this way, her attempt and desire to rule Asgard is actually valid.

This article concludes with some of the villainous characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who could be redeemed and turn back into real heroes in the upcoming MCU movies.

Source: 5 Redeemable Marvel Movie Villains

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