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Starting an escort service is a great way to begin your business career. But it’s not all business and money — you need to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and your employees as well. Escort services are no different from any other industry, in that they require some special considerations when it comes to how you manage your new venture. Here are seven tips for running a successful escort service.

1. Confidence is key to becoming a successful escort

Confidence is the most important thing when it comes to your work as an escort. You need to be confident in yourself, confident in your body, and confident in the work that you do. Remember, you’re not only selling pleasure, you’re selling yourself and your skills as well.

Confidence is the thing you possess when you accept the challenge that you must face, every time you step into the profession of escorting. With confidence comes a confidence in what you do every day that will help you make this job more than just another job. Confidence helps the system operate smoothly, it enables you to meet clients where they are, as they are, looking for you, and you to meet them where they’re actually at right now.

Confidence is about seizing the moment. If you encounter a client who has no confidence, don’t try to build that up. Instead, allow the moment to come, let the clients come to you, bat your eyes at very attractive women who make money for you with a smile on their face, and leave them wanting more. Understand your customers’ mindset, use any charm you have on you to instill confidence, but don’t go overboard and let them get to you. Clients will be customers twice, but you will be a hell of a lot more satisfied by your customers.

An understanding client really boils down to one simple thing; they want to have fun, but they also, need to feel safe. As an escort, the real world doesn’t exist. It is all entertainment. As far as a customer is concerned, they are entertained and safe in the knowledge that something they weren’t able to have before is now a reality every moment they spend with you.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, AskMen, and PlentyOfFish are great places to start networking. Use your phone to create as much social media content as possible and add some escorting-related content as well.

2. Escorts should be able to strike up a meaningful conversation with their client

If you can’t actually have a real conversation with a client, then you’re not going to get repeat business.

Escorts should be able to maintain a conversation. If you can’t keep a conversation going with a client, you’re not going to build a relationship with them.

Escorts should be able to treat you like a person, not a number Paragraph: You can lose an hour of work with a simple text message

Key takeaway: Don’t lose an hour of work by texting your client every 10 minutes. (Using this tactic will decrease the number of good nights and weekends you have left.)

How should fees be shared between the escorts and the client? (ex. Should the client pay for both her and the escort? Should the escort charge a flat rate for all her services, or should the client pay a variable fee based on the time of the request? Should increase the number of girls for a requested visit?)

The client should be responsible for purchasing her own product or service,

3. Escorts should be able to take charge of the situation and not let the client take over

When you’re dealing with clients who pay for your time, it’s important to remember that you have the power. You’re the one who’s getting paid, so you’re the one in charge.

You’re the one who’s going to set the boundaries and the limits and make the rules.So when you pull the opportunity out of the air, make it count. Practically every senior client buys his or her own gas or car. So if and when they let you run those errands, be sure to remind them you’re paying for your own time. Heck, even if you can’t afford gas for the car, make sure to remind them you’re paying for your own time. Figure out some other fee to add to the bill each month. You could create a challenge, where people know how much they’re going to have to pay you if they don’t pay what you demand. If you still feel your fee is too high, you can adjust it down by a tiny percentage, or you can increase your hourly rate or any other service fees.

Next time you’re scheduling a time with a client, think about how much you’d have to charge to get the same level of service or cooperation from them, knowing you had to pay for your own gas. Allow yourself to appreciate that and take a step back when you notice you’re being taken for granted.

For many people, the hard part of starting a business is getting up the nerve to do it in the first place — and now it’s all downhill from there. Follow the 4-Step Process to Successfully Start a Business.

4. Build your business by networking with other escorts and expanding your customer base

If you’re going to network, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Networking is about building and creating relationships with like-minded individuals, not about selling and closing deals. Remember, there’s a fine line between networking and selling.

5. Have a positive attitude!

People are drawn to positive people, so try to stay positive. If you’re having a bad day, try to find something positive in it and build on it. If you’re having a good day, share the positive energy with others. It’s good to be positive, and people will gravitate towards you because of it.

If someone tells you that you’re fat but you feel nice about it, it’s pointless to berate them. Again, merely thinking things over will make you smarter about your behaviour. If you’re constantly getting mad about things no one else cares about, it’ll make you stop caring altogether. One common excuse is that “fat people can’t exercise so they end up getting sick”.

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I can tell you their logic doesn’t hold water. A study looked at the correlation between sedentary jobs and obesity and discovered that the office environment was directly linked to obesity rates amongst professionals. By deciding what’s convenient for you to do, and learning how to use common sense, you can protect yourselves from investments into bad habits that lead to health problems.

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