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Hotel guests love the comfort and luxury that quality accommodation can offer. When looking for hotels online, travelers are looking for rooms with modern amenities and good value for money. Naturally, better-looking hotel rooms will generate more clicks on your hotel profile, which means more bookings. It really is that simple. So how do you deal with outdated accommodation without major renovations? It is actually easier than you think because the most important thing is the small details.

Here are five cheap ways to update the look (and feel) of your rooms, encouraging travelers to book, not bounce, when they see your hotel online.

Change patterned linens

Guests want the look and feel of their hotel room quality. Since your hotel profile and website should have room pictures, bedding is one of the first things travelers see. So, use this to impress them. To update your bedding within a budget, replace the old patterned blanket with a new blanket in solid colors. If you want to be safer, choose a neutral tone or choose a soft white quilt. White is suitable for cleaning and can illuminate the room and make it feel more spacious.

Paint walls with neutral tones

Many hotels need to update the appearance of the walls. Gone are the days of soft yellows, contrasting walls, and outdated wallpaper patterns. Now, you just need to paint your hotel room with light pastels or natural neutral tones, and you can provide an inexpensive and much-needed facelift for your hotel rooms.

Guests appreciate the sleek, modern interior that feels warm and relaxing after a long journey. Yes, travelers love modern hotel interiors and want to incorporate them into their home décor.

Invest in comfortable, modern chairs

Most hotels follow classic room decorating concepts, and your hotel most likely does a bed, two nightstands, a wardrobe, a table, and a chair. If the chair is covered with vinyl or matches the carpet, you should go.

Guests want to relax during their stay at the hotel. The line between business and leisure travel is blurring, meaning guests are working and trying to relax during the same trip. Give them a comfortable and modern chair. Many designers recommend using natural fibres as much as possible and blending textures without hesitation. This is not to say that plastic is completely impossible. When choosing a new chair, keep the silhouette and overall comfort in mind, because you want to provide a chair that is both practical and beautiful.

Rearrange room layout 

An easy and inexpensive way to make your room stand out is to change the room layout flow. This makes the rooms look warm and unique, something modern travelers will definitely look for when searching for the ideal hotel on the internet. The best part? This is completely free for you. If you are a thrifty hotelier, you should give it a try.

Doors of the room

To attract guests and ensure that they leave happy, all aspects of the hotel interior must look beautiful and function properly. From the hotel door to the bathroom, guests will judge the quality and value of the hotel through the door. That’s why choosing the right door option is important when designing, building, or renovating any hospitality venue. To give your door that appealing look you can install unique handles and even a polished number as a room number signage.

Wrapping Up: 

Not sure how profitable these ideas are? Once you have this number, you can increase or decrease your budget at will based on reasonable circumstances. Then start with one or two rooms so you can test the impact of these inexpensive and effective design techniques in enhancing the appearance of hotel rooms. Last but not least, don’t forget to photograph and post them online to attract the attention of travelers.

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