6 Natural Remedies That Will Help You Sleep Better

sleep disorder

Insomnia or sleeping disorder happens to be a grave problem. And it stretches further with no proper treatment. Reaching out and popping a sleeping pill is always an easy option. But after a period, it starts affecting the individual negatively. Both physically and mentally, the person becomes dependent, and later too much intake of pills results in drug tolerance. It is getting a proper 7 to eight hours of sleep opting for natural remedies.

Following the various scientific research of the different organizations, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of three individuals fail in getting the right sleep. Trying out the natural remedies and not by injecting or intake of harmful drugs is the better way to get good quality sleep. Read below the rundown of six natural resources that will help you in getting a night of better sleep.

  • Proper sleep-schedule

All humans have a sleep and wake cycle, scientifically known as the circadian rhythm. Its work is to trigger our mind and give us a notion about when to sleep and to stay awake. Our account syncs with the internal clock of our body, and it is getting the better night's sleep. You should make a habit of sleeping-off and wake at a particular time daily. It soothes the mind and body. Even on weekends, you should try following a similar routine. Never opt for a nap during the daytime. And not even an afternoon siesta! It will be difficult for you to sleep comfortably at night. If at all you, the one who cannot compromise with their afternoon short-nap, set the alarm. Though short-naps help in promoting wakefulness and excellent and energetic performance. Grab a nap for not more than 20 minutes. It is more than sufficient to relax your muscles and mind. 

  • Right food preferences

You should opt for a healthy diet to get sleep better. Nothing can beat a healthy and nutritious diet. During your dinner, restrict yourself from having rich and spicy food. These food varieties have less amount of nutritive value. Instead, have light dinner, and preferably finish with the same in the early hours of the evening—cut-down on the consumption of sweets and other sugary food varieties.

Moreover, the consumption of refined carbohydrates harms your sleep cycle. Too much caffeine, especially during the late hours, results in a lack of sleep. So, try avoiding the same at night. Many scientific studies claim that caffeine consumption 5 to 6 hours before your sleep-time results in sleeplessness or disorderly sleep. Instead, you can have a cup of chamomile tea just before hitting the bed at night. It acts as a relaxing factor and soothing your muscles. Consult your physician for the right dosage to avoid medicine tolerance with long-term use. 

  • Exercise regularly

Nothing can override the benefits hidden behind getting into regular exercise. With the busy schedule in today's life, we all have to be a bit selfish when the question of health comes. You should take out an hour from your busy life and dedicate the same to some physical activity. It transforms your night's sleep into a peaceful one. You will get-up with all the energy the next morning! Many health experts are of this opinion that you should schedule your work-out routine either in the early morning or during the afternoon hours. You should avoid exercising a couple of hours before your sleep-time. It acts as a refreshing stimulant, which thus keeps you awake the entire night! You can also have anadrol to treat sleeping problems (insomnia), if any.

  • Healthy gut

It is a known fact that a peaceful heart leads to a healthy body. Similarly, a healthy gut leads to a peaceful sleep! Most of us are unaware of the concept of a healthy gut and its significant role in our sleep patterns. The gut-microbiome regulates the rest through the brain-gut-microbiome axis. It is a scientific cycle helping us to sleep better. The healthy gut produces gut-bacteria, which further aids in the production of melatonin. It is a hormone regulating our sleep cycle and the circadian pace. You should have enough quantity of foods rich in probiotics like yogurt, buttermilk, miso, kefir, and various fermented food items. The probiotic content varies with the food items, so you have to choose wisely. Considering all these, keep your gut clean to get a healthy sleep every night. 

Opt for relaxing methods

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Too much stress and anxiety cause sleeping disorders. To fight this, you have to opt for various mind and body relaxing techniques. Right from meditation, reading good books, listening to soothing music, yoga or aromatherapy, you can cherry-pick your preference. You should always avoid doing anything strenuous just before your sleeping time. Believe in deep-breathing for five to ten minutes to get a peaceful sleep naturally. Many also prefer taking a lavender oil-infused warm bath just before sleeping. It helps in calming your mind and shedding away the day's tension.

  • Natural day-light absorption

Absorbing an adequate quantity of natural light during daytime helps in getting a peaceful and healthy sleep. The melatonin production increases, assisting you in getting a night of better sleep. You should try getting some sun-light right after waking up in the morning. For instance, you can enjoy your morning tea by sitting close to your window sill or in your garden. You can also plan your walk around this time to soak-in the right amount of Vitamin D. Many people who have insomnia have benefitted by absorbing the natural light. It increases their sleeping duration, along with sleep quality.

Stay well and sleep well!

Eventually, disordered sleep stems from irregular and erratic sleeping habits. To get good sleep, you have to regularise your lifestyle. While making a sleep-time schedule, you should incorporate wisely bits of all positive health attributes. Right from regular exercise to eating habits, everything is equally responsible for making your immune system secure. It thus supports your good metabolic growth. The above discussed six natural remedial measures will help you to get better sleep, if followed wisely. So, stay well and sleep well!


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