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The lightweight, the smooth cover paper has a lot of such properties that are hard to get in any other similar material. Having a variety of different colors, it is used in many art, DIY, and business projects. This material has a smooth and plain surface that is very effective to get printed or for handwriting.

It is acid-free, recycled paper that is prepared from a mixture of fresh and recycled raw material. It comes in different weights and thickness levels and is very easy to get any customized shape with die-cutting machines. Smooth paper comes in different colors and is highly printable.

Types of paper are very rare that are useful for various other purposes in daily routine except handwriting or to compile the work reports. Smooth cover paper is among some of those materials that are useful for writing, printing, stamping, and many other craft projects. Here are the most creative ideas to use this paper material creatively.

Restaurant or Cafe Menus

One of the most vital needs of restaurants, cafes, or bar owners is showing the list of offered consumables to their clients. For this purpose, they need a lightweight and strong material to create a menu book that can serve for longer durations with elegance. The super smooth cover paper gives an ultimate strength level to these product lists.

Arranging the sheets of this material in a fine quality book format helps to meet this need effectively. Display of all required content using attractive fonts will impress the buyers on seeing it. Embellishing the colored sheets of these smooth covers with some finishing materials will enhance the visual looks and will make it more appealing.

Custom Business Cards

Business cards are the necessity of every business to provide the contact details to their potential prospects. Various firms provide these business cards to them in a finished form. These businesses can buy this material from Thunderbolt Paper Company to create a durable and long-lasting solution for these business needs.

Getting this stock in a fine weight like 100 lb is a perfect option to create these business cards with effectiveness. A high-quality print is achieved because of having a non-bleeding structure. Because of this trait, it absorbs only a small amount of inks. All types of printers support this material including, laserjet, digital and other printing technologies. This phenomenon has increased their popularity and demand in the market for this purpose.

Card and Envelop Sets

Heavyweight smooth cover paper is a perfect option to get customized cards and envelop sets. They are used for different purposes in the home and commercial purposes. In an office environment, it is mostly used to create memo cards, greeting cards, important announcements, and invitation cards. The same can also be used for wedding or party invitation cards.

It is a highly flexible material and is able to get customized into any required shape. Scoring and gluing help to create the perfect envelopes that can secure the inside cards having a message printed over them. Many businesses also use them for postal marketing. Utilizing the stamping or embossing techniques, an official look is achieved by displaying the logo.

Embellishments for Christmas

One of the most popular and versatile uses of super smooth cover paper is to make various DIY decorative objects. These decorative objects can be made for any event, but their use specifically increases on Christmas. These are some ornaments in the form of ball garlands. It is very easy to make them at home using this paper material in multiple colors.

It requires very basic equipment like scissors and glue. Cutting them according to the size of balls needed and then forming a ball-like structure with the help of glue are two simple steps involved in this procedure. Hanging these ornaments at the Christmas tree and to the roof increases the charm of these events. 

Decorative Hanging Chandelier 

This paper stock has no limit when it comes to the diversity of uses for decoration purposes. Chandeliers are famous for many decades, and now it has become possible because of this stock to make them artificially. Thunderbolt Paper Company provides this stock at low prices, and because of this phenomenon, it has become possible to create such artistic projects at low costs.

This material is made of loose fibers, which provides them extra flexibility to get customized into any shape. It is transferred into many small pieces of the desired shape using a die-cutting machine and then joined to create a dazzling chandelier. It creates a mesmerizing effect when attached to the roof with some small involvement of LED lights. 

Hardcover for Books

From writing to the publishing phase, various important stages come, but the most vital of them is the cover page of a book. It has to represent the whole story of the book, and this is why it is given special attention. Because of the need for durability, the smooth paper stock is preferred.

This material has an increased life cycle and protects the print for a longer duration—a material of cheap quality results in the crushed edges of a book. At the same time, this high-quality material provides them extra strength. Moreover, stamping and foiling attributes are also used to display the book name creatively with a long-lasting print.

Creative Scrapbooks 

Scrapbooks are a source of preserving memories and then passing them on to the next generations. During this time, it is essential to preserve it for longer durations. It is only possible by using a long-lasting material. Heavyweight smooth cover paper comes handily to provide this durability. This material is also highly printable and also effective for handwriting and stamping.

This material helps to create some attractive and unique scrapbooks in multiple color pages. It preserves the attached photos and written text for longer durations by resisting the different influencing factors like changing environmental conditions over the years. 

These were some creative ideas to use smooth cover paper for different purposes without investing too much money. This material is famous because of having environmentally friendly traits. Its manufacturing process involves some quantity of post-consumer recycled material as well, and this trait helps businesses to avail themselves at low costs.

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