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7 Styles To Become A Fashion Icon In A White Tee

Are you fond of wearing t-shirts? Are you particularly inclined towards any color? Yes? Is it white? Great! Let this post work in your favor by giving you tips on the best ways to wear and carry a white t-shirt.Feeling excited to ditch your long sleeve t-shirts for some really trendy & crisp white ones? Here you go…

1. White Tee Paired With Open Shirt & Dark Denim

Wearing white tee under a casual shirt and keeping it open is surely a style statement. Do you know what makes unbuttoned look unique? It’s ability to give you a comfortable and relaxed look. When you finish the look with black denim, you put cherry on the cake. 

2.Tucked In White Tee Combined With Trousers

What?Did you just say how can a tee go well with trousers? Well, wear a pair of smart trousers and tuck a crew neck tee. To take things to another level, go for a pair of classic sneaks. Complete the look with a neutral worker’ jacket. 

3. White Tee With Selvedge Denim

Wear an over-sized white t-shirt and pair it with selvedge denim. To accentuate your physique, feel free to opt for slightly taper slims,which will also ensure balancing the top and bottom. Don’t mind turning up the cuffs a few times and giving the look a perfect ending with branded cool shoes. 

4. White Tee & Leather Jacket Combo

To feast your wardrobe with an edgy look, this is the style to opt for. Wear a white crew-neck under a leather jacket. 

5. White Tee Paired With Bomber Jacket & Dark Trousers

Steal the show by combing your white tee with a midsize black bomber jacket. Go for black trousers and don’t forget adding monochromatic colors fora look that’s irresistible.  

6. White Tee With Suit

Go for a gentle & quality tee and pair it with an appropriate sized dark suit. Make sure the tee is slim. Also, ensure billow over the waistband doesn’t happen. What does that mean? Tuck it in! What else? Finish it off with white trainers. 

7. Tee Combined With Camel Overcoat

Since carrying block tone with white t-shirt is easy, don’t shy away from going for it. Get into your beloved camel overcoat and let it do the talking over tee and black denim.  

So, these are some styles you must try to give your everyday look an appealing transformation. Take a break from those old-school men’s long sleeve t-shirts by adorning these suggested styles with confidence. 


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