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Planning to go on a spring motorcycle vacation? Here are nine things that you need to know to plan the awesome spring motorcycle vacation that you have always been wanting for. So, let’s get started and find out what you can do to start planning right now. 

  1. Make safety your first priority : whether you are going out on a spring vacation, or some modification, or a cold winter vacation – one thing stays constant and that is your safety! Make it a point to always use the best quality motorcycle riding gears including a branded premium full-face helmet along with other riding gears such as gloves, jackets and boots whenever you are riding a motorcycle better for a short commute to the mall, or cross border trips. 
  2. Choose the right partner: No trip can be wonderful unless you have the proper people to write with. And that means, choosing the right people to accompany you on your spring motorcycle vacation. The first thing you need to do is find people in your immediate friend circle and find out if anyone is interested to do a similar spring vacation trip just like you are planning to do. If you find a friend who is willing to go with you, nothing better. Otherwise, you can always lookout for people in motorcycle riding clubs (provided you already are a member of a motorcycle riding club!), or you can look for people on social media platforms particularly those that cater to writing enthusiasts like you. If none of these works, reach out to friends of friends and find out if anybody is willing to do it. Sometimes, the schedules may have to be moved around to accommodate for your friends to accompany you on the trip. So, start planning early and spread the news so that people have time to plan their vacations as well. But Lastly, if you have to make the trip do not postpone or cancel it because you had nobody to accompany you! There is a joy in riding solo – and you have not tried it yet!    

  3. Pick the right destination: Where are you planning to go? Depending on the motorcycle that you have, and the money that you have planned to expand spend on the trip, you will have to pick the right destination that lets you do the vacation without creating stress for you! In order to do that, sit down with your partners and do a proper research of all the achievable and accessible destinations keeping your constraints in mind. Once that is done, look for the best route to reach the destination. Always choose the most scenic route- because during spring nature is at its best and you do not want to miss out on the visual treat that nature has to present during spring. Also, considering that it is no longer cold, and the temperatures are steadily rising, you can plan to write a little further than you would have done during the winters, or at the peak of summer.  

  4. Plan for the expenses:   Having enough money to make the trip is very crucial. The last thing you want is a mental stress of running out of money! So, always make advanced preparation when it comes to money matters. If you are going with a partner, consider splitting expenses that are common for both of you. As a safety net, consider having 30% of the overall travel budget as an emergency fund and do not use it unless there is a real emergency. Also have a good quality comprehensive insurance plan that covers everything from mechanical problems after motorcycle to emergency healthcare requirements so that you do not have to spend money out of your pocket for those unprecedented and unanticipated incidents.

  5. Get the vehicle ready for trip: is your motorcycle ready to go on a long distance road trip? If that is not the case, take it to a mechanic and have it preemptively checked for any faults and overhaul it with any necessary upgrades so that you do not have to face any trouble later on during the trip.  

  6. Plan the breaks to be fun: When you sit down to make the plan for the vacation, have a distinct focus on making the trip fun, there will be a lot of negative things that will happen during the trip, so you do not have to worry about handling and tackling those problems rather focus on how to have fun and have the best time of your life. With that in mind look for strategic breaks and waypoints in between where you can stop and have some good time.

  7. Plan money matters: Keeping cash in your pocket when we were at a strange destination can help you out of difficult situations. Always insist on paying through credit cards and debit cards, or the new age mobile phone payment applications whenever possible, but in certain circumstances there might be times when nothing but only cash is accepted! For that, you will have to carry some amount of cash in your motorcycle luggage boxes or in your backpack but be sure to keep it distributed in different places rather than having all of it one in the same place. That way, if you lose some money from one place, you still have enough to buy your way out of the situation.  

  8. Pack as less as possible: Packing too many things on a vacation is a sin! Try to keep your pack and baggage as small as possible so that it fits well in the motorcycle luggage boxes and you don’t have to worry about the excess load weighing your progress down or burning up more fuel than you planned for.  

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