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Google Play Store has a collection of innumerable apps which multiply on a very regular basis. The apps have a wide range and encompass genres like informative, gaming, memory building, social media, learning, dating, entertainment, finance, health and fitness, maps and many more. Since all the categories have an abundance of options to choose from, it is a milestone for an app to reach one thousand million downloads.  Reaching such a big number in terms of downloads signifies the reliance and trust of a huge population on your code and app. Here are some such apps whose download numbers are north of one billion.


The very first of its kind, WhatsApp is the go-to phone messenger for everyone nowadays. This app is undoubtedly one of the very first online messaging apps that shot to fame and is still highly relevant. The app had upwards of 2 billion downloads at the beginning of this year. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook bought this app in the year 2014. WhatsApp lets you send texts, GIFs, emojis, videos, audio messages, images, documents to other users. Now you can also video call and audio call on it.


Another one of the leading platforms acquired by Facebook is Instagram. While the app only allowed users to share pictures and comment on it in the beginning, it has come a long way since. Features like stories, Instagram Live, IGTV, Instagram carousel, video sharing, Instagram Direct Messaging, and the upcoming Reels are just a few examples of the up-gradation Instagram has witnessed.  The app has had its ups and downs in terms of acceptance of updates from users. But that has never really affected their download numbers.


It would have been peculiar if all the companies acquired by Facebook would be on the list but not Facebook itself. Facebook hit the internet in the year 2004 when social media like Orkut and Myspace were at their peak. But Facebook still managed to push these famous names far behind and created its well-deserved mark in our lives. The app is very easy to use, and hence it has users of all age groups across the globe. Despite a lot of controversies, the app has faced in recent times related to privacy and data security, the download statistics of the app seem to be unaffected.

Facebook Messenger

The messaging feature was always a part of the social media platform, but the actual app came to the Google Play Store nine years back. Like the platform itself, the Messenger is also equipped with a reasonably easy user interface and gets the job done without any fuss, which is why people prefer it over any of its alternatives.

Subway Surfers

It may have been visible that all the apps listed above are social media-related apps. Subway Surfers is the first gaming application to make this list. It was the first game to ever cross the milestone of one billion downloads because the people could not get enough of Jake, Fresh, Tricky, and all the fun they had. The three ran on train tracks, dodging all hurdles and shuffling to collect bonuses. The game engages the players, and they end up spending hours on the game.


This app may have taken a backstep since Facebook and Instagram introduced similar features, but it still holds its charm. The app began as a photo and messages sharing app wherein the images lasted for only 24 hours, and the messages deleted themselves after the receiver read them. But later the app added features like video sharing, messaging (with a save option), bitmojis, and much more. The app may not be as popular as it once was, but a lot of users still enjoy the interesting filters and video options on it.


It is another example of apps that once reigned their category but not so much anymore. With all other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat introducing video call options, they left Skype somewhere behind. However, a lot of professionals and interviewers still prefer this app over others for official video conferences.

Google Search

This list would have lost all its credibility if Google was absent here. The company is a search engine giant and has no real competitor in the market at present. The company is so successful that people use the word “Google” instead of saying “search on the internet.” The app is a must-have on all the phones no matter how many searches you make in a day.

Candy Crush Saga

Why not end the list with a sweet candy-filled game! The app mesmerized the people right when it came to the Play Store. It may seem that the game is super easy and feels like a child’s play in the initial levels, but as you progress in the game, it begins to get tougher to clear each level.

The Google Play store holds nearly 2.96 million apps on its platform and keeps adding new ones frequently. Originally named Android Market, the Google Play Store was launched in October 2018.

source: https://global-address.com/blog/9-apps-on-google-play-store-that-have-more-than-a-billion-downloads/

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