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One game and cartoon that made our childhood worth remembering was Pokemon. And even after we grew up, some of us still watch it, right? That is the love we have for it. And the game series of Pokemon is so amazing that we still can’t resist playing it. One Pokemon we all love is none other than Pikachu. It is the cuteness that attracts everyone towards it. However, there are other Pokemon as well who are fascinating as well as equally loved. Those who love Pokemon can never find any reason not to like Charizard. After all, it is a dragon, though not wholly a dragon, but has most of the qualities of a dragon, which is so amazing. You might think that Pikachu was Ash’s favorite but he always had a soft spot for Charizard. Pokemon fans might think that they all know everything about Charizard, but there are things you don’t know. Read on to find out.

1. Charizard Is From The Fire Category Pokemon

In the cartoon, all Pokemon are divided into categories. For example, Pikachu is from the ‘electric’ category, and Charizard is from the ‘fire’ category. In fact, Charizard is not the only one in this category; others are— Moltres, Infernape, and Flareon.

Though it is not such a big revelation, very few fans focus on these facts, which shows up in the Pokédex entries.

2. First Pokemon To Star In A Japanese Anime Of Pokemon

Charizard was the first-ever Pokémon that Japanese audiences go to witness in the Pokemon anime. However, apart from Japan, it was Mewtwo whom the audience saw for the first time. As Pokemon games were in existence much before the show came, so most people had already seen Charizard. Still, it was a big thing for Pokemon fans. Making Charizard, the first Pokemon was probably the best decision by the anime.

3. Atsuko Nishida Created Charizard

Atsuko Nishida is the graphic designer who worked with the creator of Pokemon Satoshi Tajiri and another designer Ken Sugimori. Nishida has created most of the Pokemon designs, including the cutest Pikachu. Being a fan of Eevee, she even designed a few of its evolutions, like Espeon and Umbreon, etc. Also though Charizard was not very cute, it was Nishida who developed it. She even said once that Charizard was her favorite Pokemon.

4. Mewtwo And Charizard Had Two Mega Evolved Forms

The mega evolution came into Pokemon after a long wait and proved that while other Pokemon got one mega evolution,  Charizard was lucky enough to get two different evolutions. Pokemon X and Y game had the Mega evolution feature, and relying on the game you choose, Charizard could be Mega Evolved into form X and Y. Apart from Charizard, Mewtwo also got two mega evolved forms.

5. A Bee Species Has Been Named After Charizard

It’s not a surprise that even many adults are Pokemon fans. We think Charizard so inspired someone that they decided to name a bee species as ‘Chilicola Charizard.’ That someone was Spencer K. Monckton, a Canadian scientist.

6. Charizard Shares Same Base Stats With Typhlosion

Charizard and Typhlosion are very similar as they both are the last starter evolution of. Typhlosion belongs to the neighboring region of Johto. Hence, it can be said that Charizard is its neighbor. Apart from being a lot similar, they even have similar base stats.

7. Pokemon Games Didn’t Allow Charizard To Fly In The Beginning

The original Pokemon games didn’t allow Charizard to fly despite him having wings. This may be because they did not want Charizard to outrank other Pokemon too much with its ability to fly. Later on, Charizard could fly. Even Charizard also worked as a flying taxi in the Sun and Moon games. It is not just the game that made Charizard famous; the anime was equally responsible for this.

8. Charizard Is The Most Popular Pokemon

The Pokemon Company did a poll in 2020 to decide the ranking of all Pokemon. It turned out that Charizard was voted the most famous Pokemon in its generation and even surpassed Pikachu.

9. Out Of All Fire Type Pokemon, Mega Charizard Y Is The Most Powerful

If you focus on the stats, you would know that Pokemon has its list of competitive players. This is why competitors love mega evolved Y Charizard when they use it. Others hate it when they get defeated by it. The reason behind this is that the mega evolved Y Charizard has the highest base Special Attack stat as compared to any other fire type Pokemon.

Aida Martin is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding office.com/setup and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

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