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A global Pandemic and The Lessons Learnt From It

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 illness, and all the adversities have also highlighted some important life lessons for humankind. The lessons have come at a cost of millions of lives and virtually the world has come to a standstill. These life lessons will allow us to adapt to new ways of sustainable living as and when we gradually get out of this life-threatening scare. 

Think on your feet, have more options

It has now become very essential for the governments of various countries to act fast and be on their toes if they want to curb the adversities of the pandemic. Even the official representatives in the government a little down the hierarchy have to set their priorities right and act accordingly.

The importance of acting fast can be realized from the fact that the number of cases in China could have been curtailed by 95% if the government would have taken the necessary actions three weeks earlier.

Acting fast and decisively is necessary as it will allow the authorities to have a little buffer time to imply their action and mellow down the aftereffects of the pandemic. As for example, the Taiwan government acted quickly on their feet ordered the flights coming from Wuhan to remain on the tarmac. Due to this, the airport staff had the time to inspect the health of everyone on board and thus nobody with ill health could get out and spread the virus in the country. Trust your leader

The role of the local people also becomes very important in dire situations like these. No government or authority can implement any plan if the citizens of the country are not ready to oblige it. Thus, the people should follow and trust the steps taken by the government for their own good and cooperate with them for a better implementation of plans.

For example, the South Korean government did extensive testing and has been very successful in flattening the curve of the coronavirus pandemic. It has been only possible due to the earnest efforts made by the government and the cooperation showed by the people. The largest democracy of the World, India, did a countrywide lockdown in order to control the number of a rise in cases and the death rates.

The people of India have been very cooperative in implementing the instructions given by the government and as a result states like Goa, Kerala, etc. have shown very impressive results.

Importance of Self-sufficiency

The global pandemic has again brought the importance of being self-sufficient to the notice. The countries must need to learn and developing and producing things instead of being dependent on other countries to satisfy their needs.

Right from pharmaceutical drugs to PPE to doctors and other medical staff, if a country wants to survive this situation and wants to thrive in the future, it must become self-reliant on every front possible.

This doesn’t mean that we need to stop the global trade totally. The countries just need to be aware of their own requirements and must put in extra efforts to fulfill them along with going for global trade.

Educating the public must be a priority

Countries all around the world must understand that the most effective way of curbing the brutalities of a global pandemic like Coronavirus is public education. The governments must make earnest efforts in spreading awareness among people and making them understand the disease in detail.

Organizations can spread awareness amongst people through mobile apps, social media platforms, etc. where the subject experts can directly interact with the audience and answer all the queries.

Moreover, the government can use social media influencers, sportsperson, movie stars, etc. and urge them to use their social media handle in order to spread positivity and correct information to the masses who follow them.

For developing countries in Asia and more importantly, in the Indian subcontinent, public education can become a crucial weapon to fight the Coronavirus pandemic and dilute its harmful effects to a certain extent.

Public education will also prove to be the catalyst in binding the people in solidarity irrespective of their region, social class or individual identity

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