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A Guide to Washing Blankets at Home

The washing method of blankets varies according to your blanket type. For instance, you can throw your cotton blanket directly into the machine while some others need to be hand-washed, dry cleaned, or spot cleaned. The method primarily depended on the material type and weave. Whenever you start cleaning a blanket, you should follow the manufacturer’s directions to do it professionally. That would be the best way to clean your blanket without ruining the product.


Hand Wash Your Blanket

It is easier for you to wash blankets in the machine and hire a professional laundry in JBR. But there are times when you need to do it by yourself. Follow the instructions below for hand washing. Firstly, fill a plastic bin with cold water and add liquid detergent and combine it well. Submerge the blanket and thoroughly clean it. Remove the blanket and press the excess water out. After pressing all the water from the blanket, place it between two dry towels to draw out the water to speed the drying process.


Wash Your Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets are soft fabric and there are chances for spoiling it while washing. Follow the washing method given below to keep your fleece blanket softer longer. It is always better to understand the suitable method of washing as professionals do for laundry in Dubai Marina. Add soap or laundry detergent and then the blanket. Wash with cold water set on a gentle cycle. You can add a liquid softener during the rinse cycle. Then, hang the blanket on a clothesline to air dry. This will prevent pilling and keep your blankets as fluffy as before.


Wash Wool Blankets

The most considerable risk of cleaning your own wool blanket is the chances of shrinkage. Check whether it’s recommended only for dry cleaning. Always make sure your blanket is machine washable or any other specific recommendations given on the material. Place mild detergent at the bottom and then the fabric. Set the machine to run on a gentle cycle with cold water. Stop the machine after a spin cycle so the blanket does not stretch. Keep in mind that placing the wool in a heated dryer will shrink the material.


Wash Large Comforters, Duvets, and Quilts

Washing comforters, duvets, and quilts is a difficult task and you need you to give utmost care while dealing with these. Duvets’ covers are detachable and can be placed in a washing machine, while comforters and quilts are too large to put in. To preserve the beauty and longevity of quilts, laundry professionals recommend dry cleaning rather than hand or machine wash. Use several dryer balls or tennis balls during the low heating process. A dryer or tennis ball works as an agitator and helps the comforter to retain its fluffiness. Try to spot clean your comforters and quilts to lengthen life.



Typically, a blanket needs to be cleaned once every two weeks. Don’t completely dry your blanket or avoid putting it in the cloth liner allowing direct heat for longer than needed. Skip using too much of Fabric Softener. Hand washing and spot cleaning can extend the blanket's lifespan. Remember that most blankets only need mild detergent. Keep all these washing tips in mind whenever you wash your blankets.


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