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Michael Franti has been at the forefront of rap music. His music has been featured in some of the biggest hip hop songs and albums of recent years. Before making his name known as a rap artist, he was a member of the underground rap crew called The Firm. He went to college and studied acting, but did not pursue that particular degree. Instead, he became known as an internet marketer and internet copywriter, first with Jigga Tye, then with Wale.

There is no doubt that Michael Franti knows how to play the guitar. His musical interests span the entire spectrum, and he sings well too. Michael Franti can play almost any instrument, but he is particularly proud of playing the guitar. In fact, it is rumored that he once had a guitar shaped like a bulldozer! If you want to attend a Michael Franti concert, it is important to know what instruments he plays.

One of the instruments that often features in background music for Michael Franti concerts is his electric guitar. This powerful instrument features a neck that is made of mahogany and a tapping plate on the bridge. The strings are synthetic nylon or epoxy polyester, which give this guitar the ability to sound like a wood guitar. On top of that, there is a whammy bar on the bridge. This whammy bar gives the guitar the “buzz” that most guitars are known for.

The guitar is played without a lead instrument, and this is what sets it apart from other instruments used in background music for Michael Franti concerts. You will hear the strings and the whammy bar as chords, which is why his songs are often called “chords.” In fact, guitarists sometimes include their own lead lines in the song as a way of capturing the essence of the song in guitar soloing techniques. Another cool thing about the guitar is that it is easy to learn, making it a favorite instrument for beginners. Cheap Michael Franti concert tickets are available on Tickets4chicago.

For guitarists who are looking to impress their audience, they should definitely take the time to learn how to play guitar solos. A solo in any musical situation demands that the guitarist not only know how to play a chord, but know how to solo as well. Solos require a great deal of skill and musicality. Michael Franti knows just what an individual audience wants in a guitar solo, as evidenced by the many times he has performed solo albums with groups other than The Blue Mountain Boys.

The guitar solo in “You Like The Sun” from his album Stereo Memories showcases Franti’s skills as a master guitar player. He uses a series of arpeggios that showcase his incredible dexterity with his fingerpicking style of playing. Most guitarists would never use these kinds of arpeggios, as they are considered very difficult and take a long time to master. However, Franti knows how to use them in the context of a music piece and does this beautifully.

As an accompanist, Michael Franti also performs wonderfully. The crowd absolutely loves his funky style of picking, but he puts it on such a nice tone that the audience will cheer when he strikes the first note. It is evident that he truly loves playing the guitar and using his shredding solos to feed the audience at his concerts. His style of playing is modern, fun and fresh. No one could question his abilities as a lead artist either. There is no doubt that without him the Stairway to Heaven would not have the same catchy tune.

The Stairway to Heaven remains a favorite for many guitarists. Even those who do not play the guitar find themselves drawn to this wonderful concert show. Those who do understand the guitar love watching Franti’s performances and accompanying band. You cannot help but be mesmerized by his ability to seamlessly combine the guitar into his solo work. Michael Franti has definitely achieved a very successful career so far.

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