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Acupressure Massage: What is it?

What's Treatment for Acupressure?

Acupressure is a thousand-year-old type of massage therapy that involves pressure being exerted on the body at certain points to treat ailments. People have meridians or channels all over the body according to traditional Chinese medicine. Qi, which is known as a life-supporting force of energy, runs along those meridians. Qi can get trapped along the meridians at certain points and the acupressure objective is to keep the energy flowing at different points using pressure. Western medicine does not involve the meridians' presence, and here, acupressure is not part of conventional medical care.

What are Points of Acupressure?

There are two types of points of acupressure:

1) A local point: This is a point of the body near to the pain you feel.

2) Trigger point: This is where the pain is relieved by massaging a point which is not close to the pain area.

A trigger point may be massaged, and the gain circulates to the region of pain through a human electric channel called a meridian. The meridians are distinct channels connecting the acupressure points with each other and with the internal organs, circulating electrical energy through the body. This is why the practitioner can massage areas that aren't close to your pain areas.

What does massage treat do Acupression?

Massage by acupuncture is not meant to treat serious health conditions. It is a holistic alternative treatment meant to help improve the ability of the body to heal itself. Many people have found relief from some common complaints including:

• Headaches

• Stress

• Anxiety

• Back Pain

• Fatigue

• Muscle

Soreness Acupressure can also be used as a supplement to traditional medical procedures to enhance the healing process and improve the sense of well-being. You can select the amount of time and type of treatment from a brief soothing treatment of the head and neck that typically lasts about 20 minutes to a full-body acupressure massage in Al Mankhool that can last for about one hour. Afterwards, the doctor would definitely encourage you to drink plenty of water to flush the body's toxins out. Most people come away feeling completely refreshed and comfortable and also get relief from underlying disorders.

What do you expect from this sort of massage?

An acupressure practitioner will apply a strong yet gentle pressure to both local and cause acupoints on certain parts of the body using her thumb, knuckle or a finger. This pressure lasts from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, after which it is slowly loosened off. This can be repeated three to five times. It is also possible to massage or ‘stretch' the area around the stage. Practitioners use acupressure massage in Al Karama when you lie fully wrapped on a comfortable massage table, with sessions usually lasting about an hour.

After an Acupressure session, some people can feel lightheaded for a short while, or even sore at the pressure points, but this wears off shortly. An acupressure session isn't considered a painful treatment.


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