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Advance Features to integrate into taxi driver app for better driver support

Taxi app development is one such service that saves your time & cost by providing you user-friendly apps on your mobile phones.

Taxi apps cover two significant interfaces, such as Passengers & visible Taxi drivers, by making it easy to communicate with both in the same phase.

Development of Taxi Booking App makes excellent sense for existing businesses, startups, and even enterprises for their workforce mobility and convenience. 

The taxi business competition is becoming intense, and customer loyalty is almost non-existent, cheaper transport providers are stepping in.

The Uber-like services have taken up the market. 

The flow of starting a new taxi app business is as follows:

  • Identify the purpose of the app
  • Develop a business plan for the project (including revenue streams)
  • Create effective app content and organize the data
  • Plan the budget for taxi app development and marketing expenses
  • Apply for investments, if needed
  • Design and implement a product with a team of professional taxi app developers

Features & Tech Stack for Taxi App Development

Passenger App Features

Passenger Profile Passenger profile is where your app user can edit/add their information and add a payment method.

Passenger can add their photo to the profile.

1. Driver Tracking

The essential work of this feature is to use GPS technology and tracking the cab driver’s location.

The driver can quickly check her tracking locations.

2. Ride now

If your user wants to check their completed rides in the future, this feature allows and show them their finished ride.

3. Payment

User can select their payment method from the payment list which you provide.

Driver App Feature

1. Easy Registration

The driver quickly verifies phone numbers, email id, and bank details.

2. Driver personal profile

The driver can easily add their necessary information like phone number, vehicle details, email id in their profile, and they can edit at any time.

3. Trip alerts and information

The driver can quickly alert the message and information taken by the user.

4. Driver delivery reports

The driver can quickly deliver the reports.


This requires starting and running the taxi business successfully. Taxi mobile app has become many benefits, including understanding market trends, reaching more customers, and improving service delivery.


Written by Ronak Patel

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