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In a group, you need to always possess the equivalent of OSRS gold an instrument kit (whether purchased or jumped ) as well as laws/cosmics or astrals if you have some extra ess. Astrals you can use to cure poison, and are thus beneficial in abandoned 2/warped (abandoned is generally rushed. CRUSH skeletons. Attack fashions are a big thing in dugneoneering. BIND a 2h sword (the best you can get), if you don’t possess the smithing level to make it, proceed to’Dung Smith’ FC.

Also is god team generally the best for now? Should I never bother with adjusting to the magical weakness of mosnters (earth, fire, water, air)? Are prayer potions worth the effort/money nowadays considering the nerf to protect from prayers? To begin with, some more general information: I’ve been advised Dragonrider buys at half of the ge price… but go for Bandos nonetheless. It’s super cheap at this time.

Work towards a Slayer helm, and try to upgrade that to the t70 model using your slayer points. Now, to answer your question about stab/crush/slash weapons, allow me to explain how monster flaws work with a good illustration. Steel dragons are weak to Water spells. What this signifies is you’ll have the maximum accuracy with Magic (Water charms in particular.)

Likewise if a monster is weak to Crush, like Jadinkos, this implies melee is the most true attack style contrary to them, and Crush is your very best style. Comparatively, Range or Mage will have reduced accuracy. (Although at high levels, your gear is usually good enough that there’s no massive difference.) In conclusion, maintain your Dragon scimitars, also don’t buy other melee weapons. They’ll suffice for everything that is weak to melee.

Likewise, stick to dual wielding range and magical. I am guessing you do not have anti flame potions, so stay away from dual wielding. Also, dual wielding enables the use of a defense and the Rejuvination/Resonance abilities. Likewise with elemental spells. Personally, I’ve a great deal of elemental runes stashed up, so that I always just use the monster’s specific weakness. It’s up to you however, you’ll hit well enough with atmosphere spells.

If you are playing in EoC, then you need ton’t need to use protection prayers all that far. The healing abilities- Rejuvenate, Guthix’s Blessing, Ice Asylum in addition to Regenerate coupled with some inexpensive food is usually good enough. Do not bother wasting money on these if you don’t anticipate utilizing Soul Split, Turmoil, or the Zealot boosted regular prayers.

Wow I did not understand that Dragonrider was crashing so challenging. Crossbows are still great, but I can not think of a decent ranged 60 crossbow except the dragon crossbow which is 12m. I second the above post (I can’t call him Rene.) In that it is not worth buying greater melee weapons than you presently have. Exploiting a monster’s specific weakness is a +15% accuracy boost, so it’s useful but not much against weak creatures.

The God Staff will be your cheapest option for Old School RuneScape Gold 60 magic, and it is pretty good as well. There is some grifolic equipment that is economical to go with this. The Master Wand in the Mage Arena is fairly expensive. You may as well take advantage of the magic specific weaknesses as you simply need to modify charm rather than weapon. Prayer pots are great for critters you’ve got a difficult time with. But as the above post says, you may use the healing abilities in place of them generally. Prayer pots are fairly cheap now (3k each?) Also, but you shouldn’t utilize prayer everywhere simply to save money and it is not necessary.

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