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AMD is nowadays overtaking Intel in the CPU market share hands down, and this fact is shocking for tech enthusiasts. According to a recent report, the AMD Ryzen processor series has become the bestselling computer processors in the computer market. According to a popular website’s survey and research, approx 50.8% of the computer processor market share is owned by AMD nowadays. And the rest of 49.2% of the share is occupied by Intel processors.

In January month, Intel again dominated AMD in processor market share by 0.4%. However, AMD still dominates Intel when it comes to the bestselling Silicon Rubicon processor. In 2006, the AMD processors also dominated the computer CPU market share with a maximum of 53.9% of the market share. Since that time, AMD has now again dominated Intel processors in terms of computer processor market share. This is one of the most significant achievements of the AMD processor manufacturing brand.

 This company is pretty underrated when it comes to high-performance processors. Most people around the world prefer Intel processors instead of AMD and other brands. However, if you observe the performance practically, you will realize that AMD also provides comparable products at an affordable price. Nowadays, AMD has improved its processor lineups, and as a result, millions of new customers are applying AMD processor-based computers instead of Intel. This has raised the overall sales of AMD-based computers.

When it comes to dominating the computer CPU market share, Intel has some really impressive achievements. For example, in 2016, Intel achieved almost 80% of the computer processor market share. No one else has done something that impressive to date. That is why people love Intel processors over any other brand.

When AMD launched its Ryzen CPU lineups, people started showing interest in AMD processors gradually. The Ryzen CPUs are effective in terms of performance, price, availability, installation, and other aspects, making it one of the bestselling processors for computers. With the Ryzen CPUs, AMD totally impressed the tech enthusiasts with the excellent performance and CPU benchmark reports.

 The Ryzen processors sometimes even dominated Intel processors in terms of performance and efficiency. These things made the AMD popular, and it became one of the most selling processors.

 Even though AMD has dominated the computer processors market share, Intel still wins the mobile processor and server CPU market share. It looks like AMD will totally dominate Intel in the computer processor market share in the coming days. As AMD processors are typically cheaper, efficient, and worth for money, they are likely to become the bestselling processors in the forthcoming days. Some people still believe that AMD processors are poor in performance and efficiency, and they commonly prefer Intel processors over AMD ones.

It looks like these people will never become familiar with the power of AMD processors. Whatsoever, if you are smart enough, you can easily tell which one is better and worth for money. If you wish to save money, get a reliable item, then go for AMD powered computers and laptops with your eyes closed.


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