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Anne With An E is one of the best television series on Netflix. It is a Canadian TV series created by Moira Walley-Beckett in the year 2017. The series is an adaptation of the famous novel series, Anne of Green Gables, written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908. The actress Amybeth McNulty is in the lead role in this series and portrays the character of orphan Anne Shirley. There are various remarkable characters in this series, and some of them grew a lot. Every character in the series struggles a lot and experiences some growth throughout the series, whether it be the parents or their children. In this article, we have listed some of the characters in the series Anne With An E, who grew a lot.


Prissy Andrews is one of the finest characters in the series and grows the most during all the three seasons of this series. The character of Prissy is portrayed by Ella Jonas Farlinger in the series. She has been shown as an attention-seeker, arrogant, and shallow type person. However, we see a drastic change in her after her spoiled wedding due to some mistakes. When she goes to college, she becomes more future-oriented and tries to look for better opportunities. She also takes a stand for her father and supports Anne Shirley at the freedom of speech rally.


Elijah Hanford is one of the characters in the series, which grows a lot despite his short role. The character of Elijah Hanford is portrayed by Araya Mengesha in the series. Bash assumes that the mysterious man Elijah is the lover of Mary. However, Elijah is the grown son of Mary. Elijah hates his mother, Mary, and leaves her to lead a life without him. He becomes very angry and violent when he comes to know that his mother has another baby with Bash. When Mary is about to die, Bash requests Elijah to visit her, but he refuses. Although Elijah hates his mother, he regrets it a lot when Bash informs him about his mother’s death. After this incident, Elijah tries to recover a lot, but his short role came to an end when the series got canceled.


Marilla is another character in this series and has been shown as a serious and stern woman with a little bit of patience. Because of being so judgmental, she does not share a great relationship with Anne. She also accuses Anne mistakenly of stealing a family brooch. Later in the series, Marilla learns to deal with the eccentricity of Anne and shares a great loving bond with her. Marilla grows a lot throughout the series and becomes a lot calmer and softer person at the end of the series.


The character of Diana Barry is played beautifully by Dalila Bela in the series. She is one of the characters in the series who grew a lot by the end of the series. After the completion of Diana’s graduation, her parents want her to attend Finishing School to become a good housewife. Her parents have been shown as a bit more conservative and want Diana to marry someone soon, but she is not prepared for marriage and wants more from her life. Later she tricks her family and appears in the entrance exam of Queen, and also passes it. She grows a lot throughout the series as her parents are not convinced with her idea of getting more education, but she plans according to her by opposing her parents.

After discussing some of the characters in the series Anne With An E, we have concluded that all of the above-listed characters grew a lot throughout the series and have been able to impress the audiences with their stunning performances.

Source: Anne With An E: 4 Characters Who Grew A Lot

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