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We shouldn’t be searching for intelligent life elsewhere. Or at least that’s what the former editor of science journal magazine “Nature” thinks. 

A scientist with a specialization in Physics has opinionated against the research of intelligent extraterrestrial life. He has chipped with another pessimistic viewpoint that intelligent life residing elsewhere might not have compassionate feelings towards humans. The physicist has expressed his views, expounding that making extraterrestrial contact could lead to the annihilating end of the human race. 

Mark Buchanan is known for his works in Physics and is also renowned as the previous editor of the popular magazine “Nature.” Now, in the view of recent developments at the Pentagon, he has reckoned that extraterrestrials must always be left alone.

He is going viral on Google Trends because of an article he has penned for the Washington Post. In the article, he quoted that if intelligent life exists somewhere in the universe, it might have the capability to wipe out the entire human race. He is right in a way because in his point of contact, alien civilization could potentially leave the human race at the mercy of their intention. And their intention, as we know, cannot be predetermined. 

His thoughts sound similar to what science veterans such as Stephen Hawking, David Grinspoon, etc., have elucidated in the past. Elon Musk was also quoted during the interview in 2019 that the fastest way to increase military budget is to prove that extraterrestrial life is the year. However, no official evidence or definite indication of sapient alien civilization has ever been found. 

So, are we alone? Well, as investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell has countless times indicated, the answer might be “stranger than we think.”

If you aren’t all caught up with the recent UFO development. Here is the short synopsis. There are several military pilots and navy personnel such as Ryan Graves, David Fravor, Alex Anne Dietrich, etc. who have come forward saying that they have encountered strange objects in the sky. 

It is imperative to realize that we are not speaking about one, two, or three individuals. There are several hundreds of pilots and ground staff working for the US navy who have made some outstanding claims about their encounters with aliens. Even more so, there is footage, radar data, debriefing accounts, and an unclassified, secret government program (AATIP) that supports the theory that something peculiar is going on in the sky. Furthermore, the Pentagon has also confirmed and declassified numerous footage of the strange-shaped UFOs. The photos are available on the internet, and three of them have become quite famous by now. 

Former director of AATIP Luis Elizondo has revealed that there are mainly five observables of these UFOs. And, these five observables differentiate these UFOs from other less sensational UFOs. The five observables are anti-gravity, hypersonic velocity (above Mac 5), trans medium travel, instantaneous acceleration, and cloaking. Now, in addition to that, these objects are additionally evasive to radar as well. None of the above five characteristics have ever been seen in the man-made aircraft built anywhere in the world. Or at least not in a way that these characteristics are seen. 

What Are We Dealing With?

Essentially, what we are dealing with has challenged the way we understand physics. It has defied the laws which make it fly in the air or land on the moon. And, it has led to scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson frowning upon the reports and skeptics like Mick West “searching” for reasonable explanations.

However, as things stand, the objects are what they are—Unidentified Flying Objects. Though the term is loosely defined, it probably is the best way to talk about US navy sightings.

In a nutshell, we can conclude by saying that the US military has observed and documented something, and it doesn’t know what they are. And, despite Pentagon’s best endeavors to bury the matter to the ground or give possible explanations, the mystery has only loomed and intensified. 

A report is due to come out this month from the Pentagon, which is expected to entail every information the US military has about UFOs. However, a recent story broken by the New York Times reveals that the report is unlikely to reveal anything substantial. Luis Elizondo also alluded to the obfuscation of the report. 

Nevertheless, the US military fears that it could spy on drones from China and Russia. However, the New York Times report also stated the US hasn’t ruled out that the UFOs could even belong to extraterrestrial origins. And, this has led to the former editor of “Nature,” Mark Buchanan once again reminding the UFO enthusiasts that ET contact is a bad idea. 

He posed an argument in the Washington Post that the reason we are safe is that we are alone. He theorized that we should have gratitude towards the fact that we have been lucky that there has been no contact as such. 

However, there is a section of people that are counterarguing that if we hadn’t seen ET does not mean that they have seen us either. 

Yet, Mark Buchanan doesn’t say we should abolish our curiosity entirely. He expressed the need for organization in making such contact so that we should be better prepared for the worst-case scenario. He also added that people in search of ET also need to ponder over the consequences of making such a contact. He said that we need to seriously debate over whether it would be wise, safe, or disastrous in making such an attempt. However, there is a need to do things in an organized manner regardless. 

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