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Apple has made a lot of changes in its services, such as upgrading Apple TV Plus to $5 per month, introducing AirPods Max wireless headphones that are available in the market for $149, and addition of 5G in iPhone 12. Apple is all set for 2021 to make a number of the most important changes most of us would not care about. One of Apple’s plans is to start using custom chips inside its Mac computers to make their laptops long-lasting and thinner.

It is also expected that Apple will be slashing down the prices on its premium products. The cost of Apple Watch SE is already $279, and according to the rumors, the company will take a similar approach with AirPods SE. It could be closer to the design of noise-canceling earbuds AirPods Pro available in the market at the current price of $249 but without simulated surround sound.

Mac Computers

It is expected that Apple will be changing the pace of its Mac computers in the upcoming year 2021, after striking out the Intel chips in its MacBook Air, which is available in the market at the cost of $999, Mac Mini for $699, and MacBook Pro for $1,299. according to Apple, its new custom-designed chips are similar chips that are being used inside the iPad and iPhone and can offer better performance and also by using less energy than ever before. Till now, the meaning of the chip is that the MacBook Air runs without a fan, the battery life of the MacBook Pro gets better, and the Mac Mini is more powerful than it has been throughout the years. Mac computers can now be able to run iPad and iPhone apps, making it possible for Apple to create a hybrid computer that’s part iPad, part laptop.

At Your Service

The starting price of Apple’s iPhone 12 is $699, which is one of the most successful iPhones. According to the Analysts at Counterpoint Research, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were the best-selling 5G phones in October 2020, when Apple launched the iPhone 12 series. The new design and 5G facility available in the iPhone 12 are the most awaited and biggest changes. According to some analysts, Apple’s iPhone SE is considered one of the best budget-friendly iPhones as it is available in the market at $399, which contains the chips of a modern iPhone into an older design. However, it has a slightly lower camera and screen quality, but it can be considered the best value Apple has offered for an iPhone ever.

Samsung is one of the most powerful competitors of Apple. The Korean company has also released its Galaxy S20 FE at $700, a lower-priced variant of the Galaxy S20 phone available in the market for $999. The Galaxy S20 FE has slightly lower specifications as compared to Galaxy S20 and a plastic back. Samsung is also planning to drop the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 folding Android phone, which is currently available for $2,000. Apple has one way by which its phones will become more appealing, and that is by strengthening the relationship of its iPhones with iPads and Mac computers. Apple could offer its developers to create applications that can easily run across all the devices from Apple.

Paying up

A credit card is one of the best payment methods that has gradually enhanced Apple’s business. The Apple Card was announced last year in partnership with Mastercard and Goldman Sachs. It has changed the way of buying Apple products for many people. If you purchase an Apple product such as an iPhone, an iPad, or a MacBook using the Apple card, it will allow you to pay the amount in 24 easy monthly installments. You will not be charged any interest for the entire period because Apple is giving this offer at 0% financing.

In this article, we have discussed all the latest upcoming features, facilities, and products from Apple and concluded that with the increase in technology advancement, Apple has been continuously enhancing and upgrading its products over the years. And therefore, Apple is ready with some new implementations in the upcoming year 2021 as well.

I am Max Coleman, a blog writer based in NY City, USA. My interest lies in writing about technology and smart machines. I am a web security enthusiast also. I guide my readers about the installation and activation of antivirus software like Webroot (Webroot.com/safe). In my leisure, you can find me watching movies and playing games while eating my burgers.

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