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Staying productive has become a pretty herculean task in today’s world. The fact that the world has gone almost 95% digital has allowed for more distractions. As a result, the average human attention span keeps decreasing by the day. How can one then stay productive, organized, and up to date with the multitude of activities competing for one’s attention? The applications highlighted in this article will help you remain productive despite your position.

Are you a student struggling to combine schoolwork with getting experience in corporate work? Are you that employee who finds it hard to complete his/her daily task, causing you to be burnt out at the end of the day without having achieved half of what you set out to do? Or are you in the category of those trying to develop a new skill and have been experiencing difficulties keeping up? Then, this article is for you.

Some applications make staying productive easier by helping you with organizing your space and developing the right habits. Here are 7 of them:


Evernote remains at the top of the list of applications that help people stay productive. With Evernote, you can store your ideas. By doing this, you do not have to worry about always having a pen and a book with you. The best part of it is that you can also save your ideas in the form of images, text, audio, pdf, etc. For example, if you are a graphic designer and you find a design that you admire, you can take a picture and save it via Ever note. You are also allowed to sync all your notes across your different gadgets.


If you end up spending more time on a task than you have allocated to it, this application is your go-to. Toggl is a time tracking application that helps you monitor the time you spend carrying out different tasks. By this, you’re able to plan your schedule accordingly and as such, you’re able to optimize your productivity.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is one application that definitely has to feature on this list. It has served and keeps serving a lot of entrepreneurs, creators, and employees. Google calendar helps you keep up with your daily task with its easy scheduling tools for appointments, reminders, etc.


The notion application is an all-rounder. You can keep track of your habits, organize notes, and also manage tasks especially if you work in a team. With notion, you can create templates for any task. Team members can also be kept abreast of recent developments as they can see changes made to the project via the notion application.


Just last week, I was complaining to a friend about how I spend more than half of my day watching Instagram reels the minute I turn my data on. It would have been great if this were merely a process of unwinding. However, I end up doing nothing throughout the day. You can therefore imagine my joy when I got to discover this application. With the Freedom app, you can block any website or application distracting you. All you need to do is choose the application in question. Then, Freedom goes on to block them until you turn it off. You can also schedule the time for the applications to be blocked and lock them so that you cannot disable them until the time is up.

Be Focused

This application should be your top pick if you’re the type who does not get around to taking breaks. With this application, you can manage your task or set interval breaks at work. It helps you take 5-minute breaks after every 25 minutes you spend working.


This application helps you develop a habit through games. After stating your desired habits and daily tasks on the app, it helps you create a custom avatar that unlocks beautiful features after the completion of every task.
All of the stated applications are free to use. However, it is important to note that while these applications are fantastic, they do not immediately make you productive. As an individual, you need to develop yourself. With the above applications, however, you can develop habits that help you stay on top of your game.

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