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Are Nuts Fattening For Type 2 Diabetics?

Food marketers and nutrition research publication Diabetes Freedom Review   could do much more in answering simple questions such as these. Instead we are being made to believe by subtle and suggestive advertising that foods that have been “enriched”, processed, and packaged by modern food processing techniques are best for us.

Should type 2 diabetics especially put nuts on the weight loss black list? The fact that people ask whether nuts are fattening today has a lot to say about the kind of health information being disseminated by researchers and food marketers. Nuts are not new food, even though their nutritional benefits may be relatively. What modern nutritional science seems to have done is to uncover the nutritional benefits of eating nuts and grains and commercialize this knowledge.

However, nuts are not fattening and nutritional research could provide evidence that many type 2 diabetics may have avoided the onset had their diets had more nuts and grains instead of animal products.



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Written by Hadriel Sam


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