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Keeping the Focus on the Child

Our attorney works hard to ensure that both parents must remember that the actual focus in any child custody dispute is the child. We work with parents thoroughly to reach a goal that should always be in the best interests of the child and works for everyone involved.

It's very heartbreaking for a child to get caught in the middle of a custody battle. If a child custody attorney us a parent themselves, then they understand the trials and tribulations of parenthood better. Contact a skilled Child Custody Attorney Orange County for experienced and compassionate representation of your case.

Representation in Child Custody Matters

Child custody is divided into two parts:

1. Legal custody – It involves all the decision making regarding the health, education, religion, and general welfare of the child.

2. Physical custody – It (or “residential custody”) is where the child primarily resides.

It is also a possibility that one parent can have sole physical custody, and the other can have sole legal custody, or one parent might have sole physical custody with joint legal custody. Usually, any agreement the parents can make together as co-parents would be preferred and is better than anything implemented by a stranger, aka “The Judge.”

Which Parent Will Get Custody?

It's not true that a father can't get custody of his child, and you will automatically get the custody of your child just because you are the mother is not true as well. You need a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable child custody attorney to help you get the result you want.

Joint Custody or Sole Custody

It is also a widespread misconception between people that courts will force joint custody on parents. In a Joint custody order, both parents must agree on all issues jointly concerning education, the health, religion, and general welfare of the child.

Joint custody is only viable if the parents have a cordial relationship and can sort out matters that affect the child. If the parents are not on amicable enough terms, the joint decision-making needed in “joint custody” will result in more conflicts and disagreements. In that case, the court will choose one parent as the sole decision-maker, who will have a “legal custody” of the child.

In some cases, the trial might not be appropriate; we will guide you and mainly work to negotiate a peaceful resolution that will best satisfy your goals.

Sometimes an investigation is needed, for that we consult private investigators who can reveal necessary information related to the lifestyle and habits of the other parent. If required, we might also hire a social worker or a psychologist to assess the mental health of a child or a parent.

Emergency Applications for Custody

Emergency temporary child custody can be granted under the following circumstances:

If your spouse is relocating with your child without the court's or your consent.

If there are signs of abuse or negligence by the other parent.

If the child is in danger while under the supervision of the other parent.


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