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As long as the entire system meets safety standards, it is completely safe to order food for home delivery during COVID-19. The food delivery system can meet the input needs of multiple people, for example,

1. Restaurant

2. Delivery chain

3. User

The collective responsibility of these three entities can ensure food safety. Let me share some safety strategies that COVID-19 can follow,

[Safety Policy of the Hotel]

Regular temperature evaluation: It is easy to detect any abnormality of the temperature personnel by monitoring the temperature frequently.Chef safety equipment: Chefs preparing food can be provided with safety equipment to prevent the spread of the virus.

Double-layer packaging: In addition to standard packaging, the restaurant can also provide another layer of packaging to prevent food contamination.

[Safety Policy for Delivery Personnel]

Equipped with safety equipment: transport professionals can equip them with masks, gloves, etc. to prevent the spread of diseases.

Use contactless delivery: Delivery personnel can avoid contacting users by placing orders in front of their homes.Proper hygiene and sanitation procedures: delivery personnel can wash or disinfect hands frequently.

[Personal Safety Strategy]

Digital payment methods: Users can pay for food orders digitally, thereby avoiding contact with delivery personnel.

Sterilizing “high-touch” surfaces: After receiving a food order, users can clean high-touch surfaces (such as tableware, handles, etc.) before handling them.

Throw away food packaging: Users can dispose of the packaging immediately by transferring the food to a safe container.

If UberEats Clone can use these strategies to ensure food safety, then ordering food from restaurants is completely safe.

Usually take out here-until now, I know that wherever safety regulations are followed, there are personnel with personal protective equipment and barriers to protect them, or there are roadsides and masks.

Delivery drivers will add another variable unless they are at home and have taken orders from the kitchen. Since we are located near the city center, there are door-to-door delivery services in many places. Even non-fraudulent third parties are not accountable because they are not actually hired, no one checks whether they follow the rules, and frankly, it took them a long time to get your food cold.

On this topic, we randomly interviewed some people on the streets of Indonesia. Their opinions are as follows:


One of my favorite takeaway places is home delivery. They wear full personal protective equipment (just like in a store) and work contactlessly, so if I get sick, they will be my first choice.Sometimes, but I myself work in the food service industry, so there are some very strict regulations on covid.The sanitation sheet on the counter/ground/door actually happens every 30 minutes. Gloves must be changed every time a transaction/station change/handling cash. You don’t know how many rashes I see in a day. 


Of course I will order, because I really can’t cook, and the company won’t provide a canteen. Is it not working properly due to COVID-19?If everything is prohibited or not done, it will lead to social and economic paralysis, but we can strengthen protection, such as reducing travel, reducing public transportation, if you have your own car, it is best to drive by yourself, and most importantly, wear a mask correctly . My parents bought me a honda hrv because they were worried that taking the subway to work would be unsafe for me. Although it is not luxurious, it is considered the first car in my life. 

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