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The fastest-growing FMCG sector is the fourth biggest sector in the Market. Our Society is becoming more and more independent of FMCG products as they provide healthy food and cheaper rates. 

FMCG produces products in huge quantities and there is a need to mix all the ingredients in a big container and many pipelines like Oil and water pipelines etc. To control the fluids in these pipelines, the lined ball valves are the best solution.

Hygiene and Healthy Food

It is very well known that FMCG products are famous for their hygienic manufacturing and packaging of products. From the start to the end, ball valves are seen in many of the pipelines and it helps in controlling the fluid in a hygienic way.

Types of Ball Valves

Ball Valves can be briefed into several categories based on their body structure and end connections. Based on the body structure, ball valves are sorted into three types namely single-piece, two-piece, and three-piece ball valve. Based on the end connections there are many varieties amongst which the most common are screwed end connections, flanged end connections, and welded. 

Ball valves can also be distinguished based on body materials. Generally, valves are made from metallic materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, copper, alloy copper, and sometimes a mixture of these metallic materials. In FMCG, there is a need to carry many varieties of liquids like vinegar, sauces, juices, milk, etc. These acidic and alkaline media can react with the metal parts and might create any venomous chemical in the liquid resulting in the loss of quality food products and in turn someone’s health. To prevent this situation and make a pure healthy profit, engineers have made Lined ball valves.

The Lined ball valves are highly used in food factories and the lined materials PFA, FEP & PTFE do not have any chemical reactions with any type of media. The food inside the valves is not affected by the lined material ball valve and results in the safety and nutrition-worthiness of the food.

Lined materials are also known as TEFLON, highly used to make non-stick cooking pans. FEP and PFA are like children of PTFE and both react to food the same as PTFE and sometimes they perform even better.

Aira Euro Automation is one of the top-quality industrial valve manufacturers. They have a wide range of Ball Valves and they are one of the reliable manufacturers of Lined ball valves with advanced and latest technologies.

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