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The Joker is one of the most famous and beloved villains in the history of the superhero. But, sometimes, most of the fans feel for the guy. His extreme madness is adorable according to the maximum fans of DC Extended Universe. He has a bitter rivalry with Bruce Wayne/Batman. The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series is much more controlled as compared to his comics, even though he is not at all sympathetic. In this article, we have listed the five times we felt bad for the Joker in the Batman: The Animated Series.

Beware The Creeper

In “Beware The Creeper,” the reporter Jack Ryder turns into the manic Creeper because of the Joker. After gaining the zany outfit, The Creeper comes across Harley Quinn and instantly gets defeated. The Joker tries to kill The Creeper in his usual way, but he survives and chases Harley and Joker in The Clown Prince of Crime. We felt bad for Joker because the ordeal was not in his hands, and he was being chased by The Creeper.

Joker’s Wild

In Batman: The Animated Series, a struggling billionaire uses the countenance of The Joker as an inspiration for a casino. Joker becomes angry because he used his visage without any prior agreement, so he plans to destroy the facility. Later, in The Dark Knight, the billionaire uses the plan of Joker to destroy the casino in a bandit way. After hearing about this plan, The Joker becomes more excited and soon decides to run the place himself. This is another scenario where most of DC’s fanbase felt bad for The Joker.

Make ‘Em Laugh

In this episode, the plan of The Joker is to win the title of “The Greatest Comedian in Gotham.” But his methods of getting up to this position are quite cruel. Most people felt bad for Joker one year before, The Joker tried to take part in a stand-up competition, but he was thrown out even before completing his act. After several years, The Joker uses the mind control technology of The Mad Hatter to manipulate the judges to commit insane crimes.

Joker’s Million

This episode is another adaptation, where we see a bit of bad luck for Joker. He inherits $250 from one of his rivals, King Barlowe. Instead of living a lavish lifestyle, he uses this money in committing various crimes, which irks Batman. The IRS muscles on Joker just after his life became a bit comfortable. To find the remaining money, Joker tries to round up The IRS’ cut along with the Blackgate’s appearing threat.

The Man Who Killed Batman

In “The Man Who Killed Batman,” we see Sid The Squid, who murders Batman, making it shocking for the people of Gotham. The Joker is one of the affected people from Gotham, who cannot accept that Batman is dead. After this incident, Joker commits a crime, but after learning that Batman will not arrive, he becomes sad and depressed. He also holds a funeral for Batman before sending a coffin with Sid inside.

In this article, we have listed the five times we felt bad for The Joker and concluded that even though he was a brutal, evil, and hardhearted character, there are some scenes where people felt bad for Joker.

Source-Batman:The Animated Series: 5 Times We Felt Bad For The Joker

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