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BBC’s Sherlock is an incredible series. But whether the show will continue is still unknown. The show is fantastic and can be watched multiple times. Each of its episodes is full of mystery and puzzle references. In this article, we will talk about ten times the Sherlock series referred to the original books.

Beep, Beep

In “The Great Game”, the series ends with Sherlock’s first encounter with arch-nemesis Moriarty ( Andrew Scott beautifully performed the character of a priest). Moriarty challenges Sherlock with some puzzles that keep him busy in the running. The five beeps Holmes hears before each problem, this is the reference to a short story named “Five Orange Pips.” The story was said to be Sir Arthur Conan Doyel’s favorites.

Crash Diet

The famous antagonist in the story of Sherlock Holmes is the existence of his brother, Mycroft. In the series of BBC, the co-creator of the series and Doctor Who writer, Mark Gatiss who plays the secretive member of the Cabinet Office. Like Benedict Cumberbatch, Gatiss is also very thin. And the show plays some tricks with this discrepancy by showing Mycroft on some diet.


Among the many books of Sherlock Holmes, the most popular one is “A Study In Scarlet”. And the first episode of the series titled “A Study In Pink” is based on that. Holmes finds the word “Rache” next to the body, and he assumes it is a German word for revenge. But it turns out the victim wrote the note, and it meant “Rachel”. Whereas in the book, it is opposite, in the text it shows that Holmes works out that “Rache” is an intended phrase.

Colossal Schemes

In season three, Sherlock Holmes comes back from the dead. And he brings a pretty exciting burial reference to the original story. Mycroft says that Holmes stopped the “colossal” scheme in “The Empty Hearse”, who had been the last of Moriarty’s agents.

Harpoon Gun

The initial episode of season two of the show “The Hounds of Baskerville”. The first scene drops the reference that is much noticeable. The view shows Sherlock comes into the apartment; he is all covered in blood and is holding a harpoon gun. He looks like he just came out of Jaws movie and then he says “That was tedious!” The above is also a reference from The Adventure of Black Peter, in which a harpoon gun also killed the victims

Vatican Cameos

Irene Adler is the character who debuted in the story of “A Scandal In Bohemia.” In season 2 of the series, Sherlock Holmes encounters one of his biggest challenges. There is a reference to Vatican cameos, in the course of Holme’s intellectuals in small quantities with Adler.

The above were some examples that indicate that the BBC’s series of Sherlock Holmes has many references to the books.

source: https://global-address.com/blog/benedict-cumberbatch-sherlock-referenced-the-original-books/

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