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Benefits of the Sensory Deprivation Tank

Floatation tanks have been making waves in the health industry due to its ability to alter the state of mind and promote inner healing. People have reportedly started to float during their lunch breaks based on the fact that it simply makes them feel better in almost every possible imaginable way.

From improving concentration levels, to problem solving to alleviating pain, enhancing blood flow, relieving stress and eradication of other undesired chronic symptoms, usage of an isolation tank is rapidly becoming a routine activity for many people who have hectic lifestyles and have very little time to spend on their own wellbeing.  In essence the floatation tank, pod, sensory deprivation tank, R.E.S.T, isolation tank or whatever else people choose to call it, is a medical wonder that is proven to work. According to the medical world these devices work due to their role in assisting the brain to alter its brain wave from high frequency Beta states to lower frequency Theta or Delta states (below 8 Hz) which is normally only achievable during deep sleep or deep meditation.

What happens when the brain is in this state is that the brain disengages from the environment surrounding it and shifts its focus on the signals that come from within the human body and works towards remedying inconsistencies or flaws within the system and optimises everything else that basically needs to be fine tuned. The fact the Epsom salt solution containing magnesium used in floatation tanks is also an effective way to provide the body access to magnesium which is beneficial for improving the use of insulin in the body and regulating electrolytes.

The benefits of floatation therapy does not just stop there, most people are unaware that floatation tanks are also extremely good for the skin as the Epson salt solution exfoliates the skin gently over the course of the hour that an individual is partially submerged in the solution, leaving the skin soft, smooth and radiant. Epsom salt solutions exfoliate by coaxing dead or dying skin cells gently of the skin without needing to scrub, which is a good thing as scrubbing does have negative effects on the skin. Another factor that must be taken into consideration about these tanks is that they are effective stress busters and thus, people who use it regularly have much lesser stress levels and when people have less stress, they have lesser wrinkles. 

Also the fact that Epsom salt contains both magnesium and sulphate is a bonus as the sulphates in Epsom eliminates toxins from cells giving the skin a much more radiant texture. 

Overall, the floatation tank scores a perfect 10 when it comes to health benefits in most people’s books as it is completely safe and the best part of it all is that it works wonderfully. The tanks have been around for more than half a century and thus far there is only evidence that it is beneficial as there have not been a single undesirable incident that has taken place due to these psychedelic era apparatus.


Written by Alen Parker

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