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Yellow sapphire is also known as the Jupiter stone or the Pukhraj stone. Apart from these popular names, they do have other names as well like Peetmani, Pushparag, Gururatna and Pitman. This is a gem and as per the astrological studies this particular gem belongs to a conundrum family. It is called the twin of blue sapphire and the ruby. 

Pukhraj stones are available in golden, yellow and orange colors and the highest quality of the stone is available in lemon-yellow color. This color that one can see in a yellow sapphire is of titanium and iron. One can buy authentic yellow sapphire stones from Khanna gemstones because they sell certified semi precious stones and they are in the business for more than 30 years now.

Here are some major benefits for wearing this stone:

  • This stone is said to do wonders in the wearer’s life. But one has to wear them properly. This stone can bring prosperity to the person who is wearing it and so it is said to be the most beneficial stone among the Navaratnas. This can help to improve the financial status of the wearer and this can also shower them with a lot of good health, wealth and fame. It can also bring success in professional life.

  • Hindu astrology considers this stone to be very auspicious. This can bring prosperity and peace in ones’ life and also ensures that the family stays in good health. This stone also represents power and divine grace. This is said to be the safest gem stones to be worn because it can increase love in relationships, and also provide with general well being. It also increases the spiritual knowledge of the wearer.

  • This stone is said to give some quick results if they are worn on a Thursday with gold or pancha dhatu. It is also advised that married women must wear this stone because it can give them a prosperous and happy married life ahead.

  • Those who wear this pukhraj stone are being protected from the evil spirits. It is a great gem stone if one wears them during higher studies and if they want to pursue their career in academics. If someone is trying for marriage and facing a lot of hurdles then they can wear a yellow sapphire to get the perfect match. Apart from removing obstacles in the way of marriage this can also correct the imbalance in a relationship. This can give the joy of marital bliss to both husband and wife.

  • This stone can also unite the lovers who are separated. One who wears this stone can get the law of knowledge, good health, intelligence and better behavior. One can also have a long and healthy life by wearing this.

  • One can always wear this yellow stone is order to remain healthy and in order to avoid illness like throat infection, jaundice, liver issues, dyspepsia, flatulence and many more.

The pukhraj stone price can be checked from authentic dealers and then one can wear them.

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