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At GS Medical, we have disposable face mask, built to the international standards. These masks are developed using high-quality raw materials and are fully proficient in creating a physical barrier to particulate materials and fluids. In hospitals and healthcare facilities and other risky areas, there is a huge risk of cross-contamination. Our quality collection of disposable face mask provide the necessary face shield to filter out germs, dust, pollen, smoke, and other disease-causing elements and help against splashes, droplets, or sprays entering the oral or nasal areas.

Whether you looking to buy disposable masks for medical professionals, for patients, or as an individual we have feature-worthy, durable, breathable disposable face masks, we have quality disposable masks. These may not reduce the risk of you getting corona virus or COVID-19 but it can certainly decrease the contamination from an infected person in the air.

When working in the medical or dental field, the proper protection is essential for your safety and the safety of your patients and medical team. Surgical procedure masks are designed with such features as a wraparound shield to protect against splash, bacterial filtration, an anti-fog clear shield and polypropylene inner and outer facings for comfort and breathability. They come in various levels of protection such as basic procedure face masks and fluid-resistant surgical masks that offer full protection against fluids.

Face masks are one way to protect yourself and others from the spread of coronavirus, but they’re only effective when worn properly. So when you put one on, make sure it covers the most vulnerable spots on your face: the nose and mouth. The positioning on the nose might vary depending on the shape of your nose, so the position should be the spot where there is the best seal around your nose and mouth. Featuring three filtering layers for maximum protection and safety, these 3 ply masks provide defense against dust, allergens and pollen. Made from soft non-woven filter cloth that helps in easy breathing, these masks are healthy and safe to use both domestically and professionally. Specially crafted from melt-blown material that acts as a filter and stops smaller particles from entering the mask, it is comparatively safer and easier to breathe while wearing these disposable masks as compared to other masks available in the market.

Disposable face masks are worn over the nose and mouth to filter the air that we breathe and therefore help protect us against inhalation of hazardous airborne particles and dangerous fumes. They are worn by medical professionals, painters, builders and mining professionals, among others. There are multiple types available including standard 3 ply surgical face mask, US standard N95 mask. N95 respirators and surgical masks (face masks) are examples of personal protective equipment that are used to protect the wearer from airborne particles and from liquid contaminating the face. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also regulate N95 respirators.

It is important to recognize that the optimal way to prevent airborne transmission is to use a combination of interventions from across the hierarchy of controls, not just PPE alone.

Medical face mask like the 3M™ N95 Respirator are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure that they provide optimal protection and help to prevent the spread of disease. How effective your face mask is will depend on the material that it constructed from. Some medical face shields are designed to reduce the spread of germs from the wearer only. They do not filter out harmful particulates but instead trap infected air from spreading past the material of the mask. The N95 face mask both traps germs within the mask and filters out germs in the air that the wearer is breathing. It is also capable of filtering out dust, smoke and other air pollutants.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States recommends the use of disposable face mask while outside in public spaces.

These days, disposable gloves are made of more than just rubber. It became necessary to find alternatives to the traditional latex glove after it was discovered that many users were developing a latex allergy from wearing latex gloves for extended periods of time. Over time, several different types of disposable gloves have become available.

The most common types of disposable gloves are:

Latex gloves, made of natural rubber
Nitrile gloves, made of synthetic rubber
Vinyl gloves, made of synthetic materials
Neoprene gloves, made of synthetic rubber
Poly gloves, made of polyethylene
Latex gloves are still the disposable glove of choice when it comes to everyday use, but thanks to scientific progress we have a glove for every situation, whether you have a latex allergy or need a pair that can handle toxic chemicals.

Although disposable gloves are worn in doctors’ surgeries and by paramedics, they protect the hands only from coarse contamination, such as blood or other bodily fluids. They can protect against contamination with bacteria and viruses only for a very short time.

This is because the material of disposable gloves is actually porous, and the longer you wear them, the easier it is for pathogens to penetrate the supposed protective cover. This is one of the reasons why medical personnel carefully clean and disinfect their hands after using disposable gloves. Disposable gloves expressly do not replace these hygiene rules.

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