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Mindfulness, a term that makes us aware of our senses and the way we use them in our daily lives.

But do we use our senses in a proper way?

Let us discuss the matter which has been a rising concern for the new generation.

What exactly is mindfulness?

It is any procedure through which you use all the five primary senses to understand or work out something. This process is essential for every learner, especially college students, who are entitled to study hard for their academics.

Due to the increasing study pressure, students often lose their presence of mind, and creativity goes in vain.

Hence, students should practice mindfulness activities to keep their brain and mind working along with the proper functioning of the five senses.

Let us now watch out for the best mindfulness activities that would help each one of us –

Breathing activity

The first and foremost activity that you can perform is to breathe gently. This is one of the most straightforward processes for mindfulness.

Sit down calmly in the favorite corner of your home or space. Make sure the area is calm, quiet, and out of the noise. Sit comfortably in a relaxing posture. Start taking deep breaths.

Make sure that you take slow breaths and do not hurry in completing the breathing process. Complete one correctly, then take the other.

You can also play some light instrumental music to feel better. You can add some pleasing aroma around the space to give it an aesthetic feeling, but keep in mind that you breathe in and breathe out with ultimate relaxation, and the entire process should refresh your mind.

Imagine a place

This idea is something that has been taken up by virtual reality games or videos.

Ask your students to imagine their favorite place with their closed eyes. It can be anywhere like their bedroom, living room, study room, or a playground.  

Tell them to describe what they see when they enter the favorite room or space. Ask them about the details. The wall color, the furniture, the texture of the wood, the painting on the wall, the sound they can hear, the smell that they are perceiving, the people they can see in the room, the lights, the carpet, the mirror, every detail that they would provide would level up the activity.

Do remember that you ask all of this after they open their eyes.

Go for quizzes

Quiz sessions are the ones that pull out the best results relating to mindfulness.

Arrange for quizzical sessions where you can throw questions at students randomly. Make sure that you mix up questions and not just from one subject.

This would show you much students have their mindfulness activated.

Also, do not ask them serially. Ask anyone from the group at any time.

Solve the puzzle

While you are thinking of testing the mindfulness of students, one of the best ways to try it is to make them solve a puzzle or a situation.

Describe them about a difficult situation where they need to drive themselves out safely. Make it a little tricky where they would need their mind to play them out.

Listen to their answer to know how much their mind is working. You can also make them solve puzzles in a given time limit. Students do find it interesting to solve such puzzles.

Feel and say

Arrange a box of pieces of stuff and props. Ask your students to line up and touch a specific object with their closed eyes from the crate and say something about it.

Listen to what they say. How much they can understand and observe is something from where their mindfulness meter would be rated.

Please do not put the usual kinds of stuff that are lying around us. Put something that would require a minute of pondering.

Also, ask them to describe the feeling of holding the object, the texture, smell, what it can resemble, or anything they feel about the stuff.

Tour sessions

Prepare a short tour around the city or even inside the college with the students. Do not tell them anything that is going to happen after the time.

After you come back, ask them what significant objects or happenings they noticed during the entire roaming session.

Listen to the answers, and you will understand which student has been observing the best overall. This would let you know which student needs to be more mindful during the study sessions.

Surprise questionnaire round

While you are teaching, you always believe that every student is listening to you with proper attention, which may not be the case every time.

So, to test the attentiveness, throw random questions between the lectures. See how many can answer and how many cannot.

You will clearly understand which student is giving in 100%  of their attention and who does not. Also, this way, students would be way more focused from the next time.

Online class support

As we know that students are facing a lot of stress due to the elevating academic pressure, this has also been a significant reason that they are not able to provide complete mindfulness to the critical topics.

One reason being the assignments that are subjected to them divides their attention. So, to prevent such a blunder, students can opt for online class help services which provide solutions for academics test like mystatlab answers, webassign answers and many more crucial subjects.

Such a service is provided by several agencies that deliver accurate assignments to students within deadlines in return for a certain charge. They assure you that the job is done by an expert or a professional.

Summing up, the graph of mindfulness is slowly going down the line with the escalating anxiety that every college student faces today. You may not understand, but maximum students go through a phase where they cannot put in their complete attention to a specific task.

Hence, to bring it back and to enhance the mindfulness, go through the activities as mentioned earlier as they are going to originate a healthy mind within a student, assisting them with a brighter future.

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