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Best Programming Langague to Learn for 2020s Decade

Python's Popularity in 2020 Market

Python is the most popular programming language, according to an IEEE survey, beating old classics like Java and C++.  Search engines like Google and streaming platforms like Spotify and Netflix use Python for their web API and other interactive consoles. It comes with an easy to use interface and suitable data analytics. It is with these companies that we see the umpteen benefits of this cool language and realize its scope.

Do you need more to digest about python? Here we go!

There are a lot of reasons to state that Python is one of the best programming languages to learn in 2020. Moreover, python is the main programming language used in machine learning, which is set to grow tremendously in the next two years. It is the most used language for research and development in machine learning and artificial intelligence. According to google trends, the interest in Python spiked a lot after it became useful in machine learning.

Also, there are so many resources that are free as well to learn it. There are free courses easily available on YouTube and Udemy. Just choose the one and start the play button. Trust me, Python is easiest out of all and also, very useful. Python is also the top 2 language in the StackOverflow survey. And if you ever encounter any issue, FavTutor is here to give you complete online tutoring with live expert tutors of python. We provide python assignments and homework help to USA college and school students. Since JavaScript has some limitations outside of the web world, python is not limited to just web. But I will definitely recommend that after you start your python journey and master the basics, you should practice Beginners Python Projects. This cool list consists of the best project ideas for 2020 coders.

Reasons why Python is the best programming language for 2020

Ease to Use

When things become complicated, they tend to lose interest. Hence, the easy interface of it makes it popular and laudable. The simplicity of the language means that developers can focus on solving the problems and writing codes, rather than understanding the language itself. Moreover, this code can be easily understood by people and makes it super-efficient.

Community support

Due to mass usage, python has been able to create a supportive community of its own. Python learners can use these resources and support and improve their skills. Moreover, with collaborations with corporates like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It has made its name across the world. When companies like these use their products, the name is sure to go out.

Portable and extensible

Python is one of the most used tools for cross-language operations and an important reason for the tool being so popular. It has a portable and extensible nature and many developers prefer this function the most.

These are some reasons why should you first start the journey with Python. I myself started my journey with it. Also, Python is not going anywhere. Most international platforms are dependent on it. Internet and Software, both utilize it extensively. Also, machine learning and artificial intelligence is the future, and python is the only language that is well-developed for those two niches.

Now, it's your time to start and learn. Get, Set, Go!


Written by Mark Nathon

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