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We cannot ignore the fact that one of the essential metrics that measure your content marketing success is “organic traffic.” However, driving organic traffic is one of the biggest challenges faced by the majority of marketers.

To create content that can drive organic traffic, you need to pay close attention to your SEO strategy. SEO plays a massive role in the content production process. Creating content while keeping in mind your SEO strategy will drive long term results for you. Content optimization will attract organic visitors to your content without investing in promotions. Creating valuable content with the best SEO strategies will attract a new audience, especially those you have added value.

This article will mention some of the best tricks you can use to write SEO-friendly content. But before diving into the know-how, let’s first understand what SEO-friendly content is?

SEO friendly content helps search engines understand what your content is all about, what your readers are learning from your article, and what queries your content is responding to. Search engines can rank your content and place your content for specific user queries by understanding these factors.

Now, let’s dive into the tricks you can follow to create SEO friendly content:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the fundamental requirement to write content that search engines will love. People use keywords to search for information on the internet, and by using relevant keywords in your content, you are increasing your chances of getting ranked. Start with researching the keywords that your audience can use to explore your content. These keywords are also known as primary keywords. Avoid stuffing multiple keywords in your text, as it can blur the focus of your content. Pick only one primary keyword and make sure it is the main focus of your content. Now, once you are done with your primary keywords, start researching additional keywords. Additional keywords should be closely related to your primary keywords.

Determine Search Intent

Search Intent means what your audience expects to see when they type a query. Google pays a lot of attention to evaluate user intent, and as a content creator, you can harness this factor to create SEO friendly content. To fulfill your audience’s search intent, make sure you create content that answers the user’s requests with relevant material.

Well-Optimized Meta Title

Create your content with two headlines; the H1 tag and the meta title. Your content headline will not necessarily be shown as a title in the search results. Make sure that every tag contains your target keywords. Your H1 tag will tell Google how your content is structured, and the meta title will introduce your content to the audience. While creating your meta title, make sure you target your audience across multiple devices. Your target audience doesn’t have to search their query on desktop only. Always create a unique title for your every page as Google will show an alternative title if a single title is used on different pages of a website. Make sure you keep your title’s characters between 15 to 40 and don’t forget to add your target keywords in your title.

Create an Optimized H1 Tag

Once you are done with your meta title, now it’s time to create a unique H1 tag. Make sure you use words like why, what, and where to grab your audience’s attention. Using these kinds of words drives more traffic as compared to flat H1 tags. Always describe what your content is all about in your H1 tag. Additionally, adding numbers like top 10, 5 best drive more traffic and social shares than flat H1 tags.


It’s not easy to attract organic traffic in today’s content-saturated world. One has to take care of the SEO part to make sure that your content is worthy of your audience’s time. You can follow the tips mentioned above to create content that search engines will love.

Source : https://themartwiki.com/blog/best-tips-to-create-seo-friendly-content/

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