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 In the last episode, Boruto realized that Naruto Uzumaki acted like a politician and was ignorant of the devastating effects of The Great Shinobi World War on smaller nations who never recovered from the war and its aftermath. He found out the alliance was merely a sham, and it only cared for the interests of major nations.

Things only have become even more complicated in the new episode “The Hashirama Cell.” Boruto and his friends were investigating the case of a missing scientist in the Land of Valleys. When they found out that things go way deeper soldier of fortune, and reprobate ninjas as the DNA of one of Konoha’s most powerful Hokage, Hashirama is militarized for unethical and shady purposes. The worrying thing about his DNA use is that it can lead to the emergence of almost godlike shinobi, which can be a peril for the peace of the ninja world. But this unique situation is perfect for the return of the two former villains – Orochimaru and Kabuto.

Orochimaru was a legendary Sannin from Konohagakure, a hidden-village of the Land of Fire. He wanted to know all of the world’s secrets, but knowing the impossibility of his task, he wanted to achieve immortality so that he would have ample time to achieve his goal. In pursuit of his ambitions, he performed various unethical experiments as a consequence of which he had to defect from Konoha since he was caught red-handed. After that, he became extremely vengeful and sought the destruction of the village; for him, the destruction and chaos didn’t matter much as he wanted to showcase what he had learned through his experiments. After wreaking havoc for some time, he realized that his approach was wrong. 

 Orochimaru has fought with Jiraiya and Tsunade’s likes, the legendary shinobis, which was proof of his dangerous powers since very few can stand toe to toe with these great ninjas. He used to be the main anti-hero in Naruto, in which he tried to prove himself as a god by devastating Konoha. He also attempted resurrections and tried to use Itachi and Sasuki for his immoral experiments. He always had a keen interest in Harshirama’s cells.

Harshirama’s cells are definitely worth the hype as they were used to create combatants like Madara. Shin and Obito. Even Orochimaru’s own son, Mitsuki, is infected by the DNA of Harshirama, which means that he too probably will go on to become a dangerous warrior. However, all of his past actions were redeemed when he decided to side with Naruto and his team to battle against Madara and Kaguya. He has also tried to make amends for his past by experimenting with making Konoha a better place.

But it would be unwise and, in fact, stupid to believe that there is no possibility of Orochimaru going back to his old ways. In fact, him decision to engineer his son Mitsuki raises concerns about his apparent change of heart. Since his work is always clouded with secrecy, it is tough to predict his actions with surety. He may even use his son’s genes to help the old and the needy or go on to upgrade him to achieve his unfulfilled sinister ambitions. Only time will tell where his loyalties truly lie. 

Kabuto had always been obsessed with the Hokage, and while working under Orochimaru, he did his own experiments and even surpassed his mentor as he went on to successfully do things Orochimaru failed at. Just like his mentor, he too, was very intrigued by the Harshirama’s cells. As he loved science, it will be great to see him back working on using the great Hokage’s genes to help the needy and to make new weaponry. Both Kabuto and Orochimaru’s knowledge of medical science could prove to be of great importance for Konoha’s village in a situation this desperate, as the numbers of kids who need attention keep increasing exponentially. It’s true that both men have pasts which makes it hard to trust them with such a great responsibility and there is always the risk of them going back their old ways and starting some other evil project. But this might also become the point where both of them redeem themselves for good by helping the people through such tumultuous times. It is impossible to predict what their true intentions might turn out to be but one thing is certain that if they come to the fore once again, they will have fans waiting desperately to see what their possible return will mean.

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