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Compared with the old model, the redesigned Koleos has not changed much, but the details of the appearance, interior configuration and engine torque are all involved.

The biggest highlight of Renault Koleos lies in the exterior design. The family design language is extremely recognizable. The large Renault logo on the front center net is embedded in a carefully designed double-wing center net. It is precisely because of this small detail that you will find The visual effect is widened as a whole, and it doesn’t look like a compact car, but more like a medium to large car.

Although it is a French brand, Koleo is researched and developed according to the needs of the Chinese market. Its domestic market is larger than in France, so you will find that the mainstream Chinese design vaguely appears on Koleo.

One: Big. Compared with competing products, Angkewei and Mavericks, Corey proudly is 40-150mm longer.

Second: the width even exceeds the specially lengthened Tiguan L, plus the big blessing that can widen the visual effect, the overall look is bigger.

For veteran opponents of the same level, Ankewei, Escape and Tiguan. In addition to being visually large, Koleo also gives people a luxury brand feeling due to the addition of Renault’s brand image. The headlights of the new car are highly recognizable. When lit, the C-shaped LED daytime running lights are like a sickle. Both the far and near beams and the daytime running lights use LED light sources.

Although the side lines of the body are not as rich as those of German cars, simple light and shadow effects can highlight its muscles, and the rounded design makes Koleos more visually effective.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4672mm/1843mm/1717mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2705mm. The parameters are consistent with the old model. The exterior rearview mirror has quite rich functions. In addition to being equipped with electric adjustments, there are also many use scenarios for electric folding. Users are often used to judge whether the vehicle is successfully locked. The heating function of the rearview mirror is quite practical for both the rainy south and the snowy north.

In the process of daily car use, the keyless entry function with a high usage rate is naturally not absent, which has become a must for many users in car selection. The 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels are not big, but they are very good-looking. After minor changes, they are replaced with new-style wheels, which are more refined than the old ones. The tires are still the Dunlop brand, which focuses on handling and stability. A four-wheel drive car is very important.

The shape of the taillights echoes the headlights. It is also a full-LED light source, and a highly recognizable shape is outlined by the light strip. The visual width is also stretched due to the close-through taillight design.

Compared with the old model, the interior layout has not been significantly changed. The overall layout is practically oriented. The settings of buttons, touch screens, storage compartments, etc. are all considered human-centered, and configurations such as panoramic sunroofs and automatic parking are even more important. Improved user experience favorability. As a European healthy SUV, Renault Koleo is very particular about the materials used in the car. In terms of materials, Koleo uses high-standard new low VOC emission healthy and environmentally friendly materials, starting from the source to create a high-standard, healthy, environmentally friendly and odor-free car The interior space reduces the potential hazards of the interior space.

The leather steering wheel has an excellent grip, but the design of the French car is reflected in the buttons on the steering wheel. The more frequently used volume control buttons are located under the steering wheel. Users who are new to the car may be more comfortable. This 7-inch LCD instrument can provide four themed interfaces, the overall resolution is good, and the displayed driving information is also very complete. It is worth mentioning that the four-wheel power distribution can also be known through the dashboard.

The most conspicuous part is still the 8.7-inch central control screen, which is full of technological sense. The page layout of the LCD screen has been carefully designed. This large screen integrates many functional configurations, such as ambient lights, driving assistance systems, parking assistance systems, ECO driving guidance and many other configurations. More importantly, Koleos focuses on controlling the air quality in the car at the source. Koleo is equipped with the CLEAN AIR PM 2.5 air purification system, which integrates AQS air conditioning intelligent circulation, PM 2.5 real-time monitoring system, activated carbon efficient composite air conditioning filter element, ion generator and other four protections.

It is worth mentioning that the AQS air-conditioning intelligent circulation system can identify harmful gas outside the car within 2 seconds through the sensor outside the car. When the harmful gas outside the car exceeds the set value, the system will automatically switch to the internal circulation mode within 3 seconds. Block the intrusion of harmful gases, prevent drivers and passengers from contacting the polluted air from the outside, and ensure the freshness and health of the car environment.

With the blessing of this system, Dongfeng Renault European health SUV has become a mobile protective cabin. In a closed car, the air purification system can also ensure the clean air in the car, bringing the drivers and passengers a fresh and clean car every moment. Internal breathing environment.

Source: Wapcar

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