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Brother Printer Offline Fix

Why is my Brother Printer offline?

Day by day growing modern technology in printing creates new problems. The most commonly seen problem in Brother Printer Offline. It happens with some people on a regular basis. The reason behind this problem is Printers are not still user friendly. People don`t operate the printer accordingly. Brother Printer is offline, Don`t worry you can resolve the problem with your left hand only. There is a link given to an article where the Causes, Prevention and troubleshooting of printer offline problems is explained.

Sometimes while printing. The device or computer thinks the printer is offline, But in actual in the printer is in a ready state.

Please note if your offline printer cannot communicate with computers by any Medium (USB,  WIFI or Bluetooth).

Is your Brother Printer offline? [Checking Printer Status]

When your Brother Printer is offline, you’ll face issues while getting prints. Therefore, the problem needs to be solved soon. If your Brother Printer says offline, then you'd wish to see a few things before going to solve the problem.
First, verify if your printer is on.
If you notice that your brother printer’s screen is black, then it means it’s not ON. In such a case, you need to check the printer and wake it up from the sleep mode and switch it on.
If you’re unable to point out it on, confirm that it’s connected to a working power socket.
When your printer activates, check the LCD screen to determine if it’s an error message like low ink or empty ink cartridges or paper jam issues. Sometimes because of these small issues, your printer also can become offline and deny from printing.
Make sure that the printer is connected to PC
If you’re using the USB cable to connect your printer with a PC, confirm the cable is connected well. If the cable is loose and not connected well with the pc, you’ll face a brother printer offline issue.
To solve the problem, connect the printer directly with the pc using the wireless method.
If you’re using coax to connect your printer with the router, confirm that it's firmly connected. Also, confirm that your printer and computer are both becoming the complete network.
Use the Network Configuration page to know the IP address if you’ve got established the wireless connection.


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