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Brown Hair Color With Highlights

When it comes to brown hair coloring, how do you go about choosing the perfect shade? Many women just assume that blonde and brunette are the two available options, but with brown hair there are many options.

If you have blonde or brunette hair then your most important concern is what brown color looks best with your skin and hair. Brown can be the perfect compliment to your natural skin tone and hair color. If you know what shades of brown will look best with your skin, then you will be able to make the choice on which shades to try.

If you have darker skin and lighter hair then you can use a brown highlighting product and accentuate the brown tones. You can use a brown base, which will create a soft, gentle, warm tone, to highlight the brown, giving it a beautiful glow.

You can also create a rich taupe-brown by using a silky, natural hair dye or a brown highlight product. The more color you use the deeper the tone will be. This will be very flattering to those with lighter skin tones.

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If you have lighter hair and darker skin, then brown will be perfect for you. It creates a warm tone, with a hint of red, which is perfect for those with lighter hair and darker skin.

Highlights can come in a few different forms, including heat tones, which are smooth highlights that make highlights seem to shimmer or pop off the surface of the hair. These can also be called stone chips or layers. Heat toned highlights create a warm, realistic tone, which is ideal for blonde and brunette hair.

There are also natural brown highlights that give the hair a mocha tone, which looks very natural. These highlights are hard to control but add a nice glow. They will not look as natural as heat toned highlights, but if you want a warm, mocha like tone without the traditional brown highlights then you can choose this option.

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When choosing a brown hair coloring option, make sure you select the right shade. Depending on your skin tone and hair type, your hair color may not match up with what you think is a shade that is right for you.


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