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Build the Uber for dog walking service app with Appdupe assistance

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. The survey shows that 22% of people do not have the time to walk their dogs. Walking is essential to maintain a dog’s health. According to the American Pet Product Association, Americans spend a total of $2.19 billion in pet services such as grooming and boarding. These statistics show that people are more likely to spend on dog walking services to take good care of their dogs. So the market looks promising for Uber for Dog walking service app.

How does the Dog walking platform work?

1. Dog owners can register on the application by providing the details of their dog, which includes details such as dog breed, age, etc.

2. Upon completion of the registration, dog walkers can either schedule for the services, or they also have the option to book for immediate service.

3. Then, the nearby dog walking professionals are listed to the customers from that list. Customers can choose the walker as per their needs by sorting the profiles as per their skills and customer reviews.

4. The first meet and greet is very important for choosing the dog walker. The dog walker should meet with the dog in the presence of the owner to assess the reaction.

5. Also, customers can judge whether the dog walker can be trusted with the dog during this meet.

The dog walker app should have the following features:

Pet owners are extremely fond of their dogs. They expect the best and reliable professionals to take care of their dogs. Here are some of the features offered by popular on-demand pet sitting app such as Wag and Rover:

Customer app features

  • Login/Register: The signup process must be simple. It should not take more than a few minutes for customers to register on the application. It is essential to offer an auto-login facility so that customers need not enter the details every time they log in to the application.
  • Diet Specification: Customers can enter the dietary details of the dog in the application. The assigned dog caretaker provides food for the dog as per the requirements. This information will be part of the profile and can be updated by customers whenever they need it.

Service provider/Dog walker features

  • Registration: The dog walker will have to provide the necessary information to complete the background check. Name, address proof, portfolio, social media account information, and so on, are some of the details dog walkers have to provide as part of registration.
  • Availability schedule: The service provider can present the availability schedule for dog walking. They can also update these details as per their needs. The availability calendar will be presented to customers, and they can book as per it.


We live in a digital era where most of the dog walking services are taking place online. On-demand dog walking app compatible with multiple devices and platforms is all that is required to expand the business. Have an expert team of developers at your side to assist you in this process.

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