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The Chainsaw Man’s recently released Chapter 86 has revealed that Makima, who was decapitated two weeks ago, is not dead. Her return is surprising, and if the story’s demonic namesake swallowed her after his assault, she might not have been able to make a comeback. However, she survived, thanks to her resuscitative powers and Kobeni’s call for help. She soon was able to make her full recovery and successfully assembled an attack on the Hero of Hell. 

Makima had the backing of around seven Public Safety Bureau subordinates since it would not have made sense if she went there alone after all that had happened. Quanxi, Reze and Katana Man, surprisingly made a return from the dead to finally meet Denji. The story becomes even more abstruse and absurd as all of them opt to work for Makima, just to get a date, even though they had opposed her earlier.

It is scary to think how her powers have influenced the behavior of the group, and now all of them are head over heels for her. However, this is nothing new; she had done the same with Denji when she made him do her dirty work. However, her physical attractiveness may have a role to play in this, but it would be very naïve to think that their fixation and unconditional adoration has no other reason. Makima is not ordinary, and it is well-established that she has a long-list of powers which means she should never be underestimated. 

Chapter 84 of the manga alluded to her unique abilities, and the most frightening aspect of her powers was the ability to control anything that she thought was lesser than herself. Even in chapter 67, the private devil hunter Hirofumi Yoshida had said that she had the ability to use the lower forms like dogs, devils and birds, and borrow their hearing. However, what makes her frightening is her ability to control human beings and hybrids.

Since hybrids are quite rare in Chainsaw Man, how was she able to control them? Makima’s true genius comes to light when one examines how she was able to control Denji even though he had fused with Pochita. By shattering his spirit, she was able to create lies about his childhood which then allowed her to take control of him. But then again what about Reze, Quanxi and Katana Man? Well, the answer is quite straightforward, when it comes to controlling others whether it was a dog or a hybrid, it never really mattered much since they all eventually fall under her spell. The three of them were controlled by her when they were prisoners in the Bureau under her. 

But there is still one more question that the readers of the manga might have. What about the blind adoration of Makima? We get a clue from the character arc of Aki Hayakawa who made his first appearance in chapter 3. He had expressed feelings for Makima at the end of his life. However, it was strange that in chapter 74, he realized that his feelings for her seemed to be fake as if they had been created just for her to take advantage of him. 

When one looks at the adoration of seven group members for Makima it becomes quite obvious that just like Aki, she was also going to use them to get her dirty job done. Her deception and control of others are so powerful that no one comes to the realization that they are not acting of their own accord and that is the genius of her plans. The appropriation of emotions and thoughts have turned the group into mere zombies who are now working to achieve Makima’s motives. They have been promised a date with her if they can defeat the Chainsaw Man. They can’t help but do whatever she asks for their dream date; although, it seems that they won’t get to fulfil their wishes.

Makima had also promised a date to Denji and after he had done what she wanted; the date never materialized.  Irrespective of what tricks she is using, it is obvious now that she has a group of misfits that she is going to use against Denji. Her abilities are praiseworthy since she is now going to take on the Chainsaw Devil without having to do much herself. It remains to be seen what happens when Chainsaw Man has to confront the threat that has been set up against him. He now faces an extraordinary challenge, and it would be interesting to see how he is going to deal with it in the upcoming chapters.  

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